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the fastest way to succeed

Want to import from China? But don’t know to start, don’t worry, here we have the secret shared by the successful businessman about how they achieve and what’s the fastest way to get succeed.

In this world, for nearly as long as there’s been human being, there’s been trade, do you agree with it? Imports are any good or service brought in from one country to another, while exports are goods and services produced in the domestic for sale to other markets.

However, whether you’re importing or exporting a product (or both) depends on your orientation to the transaction. When you want to start an import business, it’s better to start by following ideas.

Find the understanding products


Before you decide to import, make sure you do enough due diligence in order to understand your product in detail, including:

  • Quality;
  • Potential for obsolescence;
  • What alternatives are on the market;
  • Whether it requires special approval to meet our local Standards;
  • Who is your competitor for this product;
  • What price you can sell it for;
  • Big picture demand for the product in your country;
  • Warranty is offered by the supplier;


Everything else you can think of.

The stronger understanding you have of the product, and the more you learn about it, the less risk of it.

Find the reliable suppliers


Once you have a product you’d like to trade internationally, you need to find a local manufacturer or other producers that makes your product and can lead to a strong partnership. A good relationship with a supplier is crucial to long-running success in an imports/exports business.

So, you should find a reliable supplier, actually, a good overseas supplier will meet many, if not all, of the following characteristics.

  1. Deliveries are generally on time.
  2. The quality of supply is consistent.
  3. Goods received match the samples

Otherwise, communication is important, it should be concise. No language gap, miscommunications can be easily overcome quickly. They don’t let you down, and you intuitively feel “right” dealing with them, that will be a professional supplier. But if have alternative supply sources at the ready if your current supplier starts to let you down.

Find your high-value customers


How to start an imports/exports business faster?

Finding customers to sell to…

Deciding on a market is not the same as finding your customers. You can’t just send your products to the Port and start selling your wares on the docks to whoever walks by.

You usually need to find distributors and clients who will take on your product and sell it to others. If you have a quality website/platforms that include digital marketing campaigns like Amazon, eBay, or Shopify, your customers may end up finding you.

Focus on the customer service


According to a study, 51% of customers will not repeat business with a company after a bad service experience. Other studies have shown that it takes several positive customer experiences to make up for one negative one. 

Because loyal customers make a much easier sell, you’d better make good customer service a priority. Examine your current customer service and make the changes that need to be made to ensure that your business is providing service superior to that of your competitors.

You may need to invest in staff training, revamp your return policy, or make basic improvements such as responding promptly to voicemails or emails to focus on customer service and always establish word of mouth for your Business.

Get the logistics right


The logistics area of an import business is basically getting the goods delivered to you, storing them, and distributing them. Easy in principle!  It’s about doing it as efficiently as possible and less the risk of your overall cost in this area, how to get it right is a point.

Hiring a global freight forwarder is generally a good idea for all imports/exports businesses, as they’ll serve as a transport agent for moving cargo — saving you a lot of time and worry about getting your products from the factory to a warehouse.

Essentially, you’ll give them information about your business and your intentions for the product, and they’ll arrange the shipping agreements, insurance, and oftentimes the licenses, permits, tariffs, and quotas of working within another country. This can remove a lot of the headaches associated with starting an imports/exports business in an international trade market.

Find a one-stop sourcing company/agent


Finding a worthy sourcing company is one of the easiest import-export business ideas.

This is an excellent way to get started. You get valuable knowledge, experiences, and also connections that you can later utilize. You don’t need much experience to get started as a sourcing agent. Here agent is sourcing a product, supplier, or buyer for the client and usually gets a one-time service charge for this.

If you agree, your lesson is to find an overseas company who is offering the sourcing service. You need to do is tell them what you are looking for and your all requirements.

Like Yansourcing, when you send them an inquiry, they will start sourcing based on your requirements, contact suppliers, and get back to you the competitive prices. Once you are satisfied with it, they will visit the suppliers and check their products to make sure it meets your requirements.

If it is, they will arrange the shipment to your door; if there was a quality issue found, he would not only just report to you, but also help you negotiate with suppliers to fix or replace defective products.

So, a sourcing agent is one of the easiest import business ideas.

Like this, you can easily start your import business from home, with small costs. Because there is No Upfront Cost – -Pay on Performance, No language barriers, and big cultural differences, you can just focus on your customers. Others, your sourcing agent/company will deal with.

So, here start your successful import business now!


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The Newest & Hottest Products In Last Month

All your answers are in Yansourcing’s monthly report last month.

We picked up the most popular items from 1,000+ orders of our clients, to help you find your winning product.

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