The Most Common 56 Types of Fabric in China

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China is the largest producer of fabrics in the world, but most people do not know that there are different types of Chinese fabrics. Therefore, understanding these fabrics will help you make a better decision when making your next purchase.

This blog post describes the most common types of Chinese fabrics and the differences between them, and it also includes pictures so you’ll know what each fabric looks like.

Wool 羊毛

Wool has a rich feel and has the advantages of good elasticity, moisture absorption, and warmth.

The biggest disadvantage is pilling, which is unavoidable in all pure wool clothing, so care wool clothing needs to spend some thought.


Cashmere 羊绒

Cashmere is 8 times warmer than wool, but only 1/5 as heavy, making it the perfect winter dressing fabric, but also more expensive and less durable than wool.

Cashmere is light, extremely skin-friendly, and breathable, combining lightness, softness, and warmth with natural soft color.

Cashmere is also the most absorbent of all textile fibers and does not shrink after washing and has good shape retention.


Silk velvet 丝绒

Velvet fabric feels silky, tough, wrinkle resistance, elasticity are very good.

Although it will lose some hair, after cleaning soft, skin-friendly. Velvet fabric has many advantages, heat insulation, UV protection, moisture, easy to clean, and so on.


Malden 麦尔登

Malden is originally a woolen fabric, which is one of the high-grade products in coarse spinning.

Its surface is fine and flat, elastic, and it is not easy to wrinkle, wearable, and wear-resistant, and the key is not pilling, mainly as a fabric for winter clothing.


Nylon 锦纶

The most outstanding advantage of Nylon is the abrasion resistance, 10 times higher than cotton abrasion resistance, 20 times higher than wool.


Denim 牛仔

With cotton indigo dyed warp yarn and weft yarn of this color, the fabric is interwoven with the right twill organization of three on one. The texture is thick, moisture permeable, breathable, and comfortable to wear.


Cotton 纯棉

The fabric produced by a textile process with cotton as raw material has the characteristics of moisture absorption, moisture retention, heat resistance, alkali resistance, and hygiene. It has better moisture absorption and heat resistance, and it is comfortable to wear.


Linen 亚麻

It is a plant fiber, known as a cool and noble fiber, it is good moisture absorption, moisture discharge is also fast, not easy to generate static electricity heat conduction, rapid heat dissipation, wear cool, sweat after the body does not stick, more resistant to washing, heat resistance is good.


Mulberry silk 桑蚕丝

Natural animal protein fiber, smooth, soft, lustrous, warm in winter, and cool in summer.

When rubbed, it has a unique “silk” phenomenon, good extensibility, good heat resistance, not resistant to saltwater immersion, should not be treated with chlorine bleach or detergent.


Viscose 粘胶

Processed from wood, cotton staple, reeds, and other materials containing natural cellulose chemical materials, also often called artificial cotton.

With the basic properties of natural fibers, dyeing performance, good fastness, soft fabric, specific gravity, good drape, good moisture absorption, cool to wear, not easy to produce static electricity, lint, and pilling.


Acetate fiber 醋酯纤维

It is made of natural materials containing cellulose by chemical processing, similar to silk, light and comfortable to wear, with good elasticity and elastic response performance, but should not be washed, due to poor color fastness.


Polyester 涤纶

It belongs to the polyester fiber, has excellent elasticity and recovery, the fabric is stiff, not wrinkled, good conformability, high strength, elasticity and good, durable and excellent light resistance, but easy to produce static electricity and poor dust and moisture absorption.


Polypropylene 丙纶

Appearance likes wool silk or cotton, waxy feel and luster, elasticity and reparability is generally not easy to wrinkle small specific gravity, light, can more quickly transfer sweat to keep the skin comfortable. It has good strength and wear resistance, but is not resistant to high temperature.


Pure linen fine spinning 纯麻细纺

It has a fine, light, brace, smooth style, and with a good sense of breathability and comfort.


Spandex 氨纶

With excellent elasticity also known as elastic fiber,  Lycra. It has good elasticity, smooth feel, small moisture absorption, good weather resistance and chemical resistance. Machine washable, heat resistance is poor.


Summer cloth 夏布

It is a traditional Chinese textile, with white color and soft luster, and has the characteristics of clear sweat and coolness when wearing.


Interwoven hemp fabric 交织麻织物

The texture is fine, firm and durable. Also the surface is clean, feel are softer than pure linen fabric, comfortable to wear.


Paired Lace 派力司

This fabric is wool mixed with polyester, the surface is smooth, light texture, feel cool. Also not easy to wrinkle, easy to wash and dry, have good wearing performance.


Wada tweed 华达呢

Also known as rolled beating, feel smooth, glutinous and solid. Tight and elastic texture, smooth surface, soft and natural color and light.


Thin flower tweed 薄花呢

Thin texture, smooth feel, comfortable to wear. Good moisture absorption, good breathability.


Loose light woolen fabric 松轻毛织物

With easy soft, loose structure, light weight, soft hand, elastic, breathable characteristics, comfortable to wear.


Shaggy pile 长毛绒

Also known as sea tiger pile, pile flat and upright, good warmth, pile surface luster bright, soft. It feels rich and thick, warm and light, with good wearability.


Flat cloth 平布

Simple organization, tight structure, firm and sturdy, flat surface, lack of tube elasticity.


Fine cloth 细布

The fabric is firmer than silk, the surface is flat and fine. Light and thin like silk, soft and comfortable.


Poplin 府绸

Fine texture, light and thin, cloth soft, smooth, brace, surface weave clear grain full, luster glitter, have good texture.


Babusha 巴百纱

The texture is very light and thin, with good comfort on the body, good moisture absorption and breathability, unique thin, thin, cool and other styles.


Khaki cloth 卡其布

Fabric texture is tight, thick, firm, with good wear resistance, brace, weave pattern clear.


Tribute satin 贡缎

The surface is smooth, delicate, soft to the touch, good luster, bright color, with good elasticity, texture is tight and not easily deformed.


Crepe cloth 绉布

The surface of the cloth is wrinkled and uneven, also known as walnut tweed, light and soft, smooth and novel, easy to dye.


Oxford cloth 牛津布

With the characteristics of cotton fabrics, with a soft feel, natural luster, cloth surface pores, comfortable to wear, flat and good conformability.


Corduroy 灯芯绒

Soft handfeel, round and straight pile, clear pattern, plump pile, firm and wearable texture.


Fleece 绒布

Soft touch, good warmth, comfortable to wear, soft color appearance.


Cashmere 山羊绒

Light texture, and very warm, belongs to the unique and rare animal fiber, in foreign countries have “fiber diamond”, “soft gold” called.

It is soft, slim, smooth, thin, elastic and other characteristics and has a natural soft color and good moisture absorption, good wear resistance.


Rabbit fur 兔毛

Small specific gravity, good warmth, elastic, with strong moisture absorption, soft, warm, beautiful and other characteristics, poor holding power, low strength, easy to fall hair.


Mahair 马海毛

High strength, high elastic recovery rate, strong wrinkle resistance, good wear resistance and moisture absorption, stain resistance, good dyeing, not shrinkage, not easy to felt shrinkage.


Camel hair fleece 骆驼毛绒

Lighter color, weak luster, smooth and soft hand, good elasticity and strength, good warmth, good abrasion resistance.


Fine spun wool fabric 精纺毛织物

Clear weave pattern, bright and soft color, tight texture, soft hand feeling, brace and elastic.


Rough woolen fabric 粗纺毛织物

Thick texture, feel rich and strong, not easy to deformation, good warmth.


Shaggy fleece 长毛绒

Plump and thick, soft hand, rich in elasticity, good warmth, not easily deformed.


Satin 缎

Fine and soft texture, smooth and bright surface, exquisite and delicate.


Hemp and cotton blend 麻棉混纺

Cotton moisture absorption, good dyeing, good warmth, hemp has high strength, good natural luster.

Dyeing bright, not easy to fade, good heat resistance, hemp and cotton blended, the appearance is not as clean as cotton fabric but good luster, a sense of softness, more straight, good heat dissipation, not easy to fade.


Polyester hemp blend 涤麻混纺

Polyester is not easy to deformation, not lint, hemp strength, good luster, not easy to fade, polyester hemp blend to make up for some of the shortcomings of the fabric cool, moisture absorption, wear comfortable, easy to wash and dry, reduce wrinkling, lint.


Imported long-staple cotton 进口长绒棉

Moisture absorption and perspiration significantly, protect the skin, good coloring, good strength, good stretchability and other characteristics, soft hand, soft luster, simple, good warmth.


Silk 绢丝

All over the world recognized as a valuable natural fiber, is a senior textile raw materials, with high tenacity, fiber fine and soft, smooth and elastic, good moisture absorption, fabric luster, a unique “silk” sense, wear to the body smooth, comfortable, elegant and luxurious.


Real silk 真丝

Bright, noble, certain straight silk content, can make the product feel more smooth, denser, lustrous, comfortable, elegant, noble, good elastic strength, moisture absorption, wear breathable, comfortable.


Tencel 天丝

It is an environmentally friendly fiber, in the process of purification and spinning, with high-tech technology, to protect all the characteristics of natural fibers, it is moisture-absorbing and breathable, fabric drape, silk smooth, bright dyeing and other characteristics. Repeated washing, sunlight also does not lose many health functions, not easy to pilling.


Silk cotton yarn 丝光棉纱线

It has silk-like bright luster, high-grade color fastness and good handfeel, with the breathable, soft and moisture-absorbing properties of cotton, and the characteristics of silk-like smooth and bright.


Bamboo fiber 竹纤维

An environmentally friendly fiber, bamboo has antibacterial anti-purple line characteristics, in the fiber purification process with high-tech technology to protect with natural antibacterial antibacterial.

Deodorization and anti-ultraviolet substances, with strong breathable, fabric drape, silk smooth, bright dyeing, antibacterial, deodorization, anti-ultraviole.


Acrylic 晴纶

Commonly known as “artificial wool” has soft, warm, strong and good characteristics, the surface is flat, tight structure, not easy to deformation, after washing shrinkage is very small.


Velon 维纶

The appearance and feel of the fabric like cotton, elasticity is not good, good specific gravity and thermal conductivity is small, wearing light and warm, strength and wear resistance is good, strong and durable, has excellent chemical resistance, sunlight and other properties.


Silk wool 丝光羊毛

Glossy soft, meticulous soft, moisture absorption, good breathability, comfortable and not sticky with general warmth and keep the body fresh, have good heat resistance.


Wool sticky blended 毛粘混纺

With the line of pure wool fabric similar appearance style and basic characteristics, the appearance of more delicate.


Tencel, linen blend 天丝、亚麻混纺

The fabric feels rich, smooth and glutinous, with silk-like luster, good drapability, firm and cool.


Polyester-cotton blend 涤棉混纺

It can make up for the shortage of polyester’s moisture absorption, breathable and comfortable beauty, glossy appearance, thick feel, elasticity, solid and durable, good conformability.


Polyester-silk blended 涤绢混纺

Both the softness of the wool type and the smoothness of silk, soft and bright luster, brace, non-iron, firm and durable. Rich in elasticity, shrinkage rate is smaller than pure silk.


Polyester viscose waffle 涤粘华达呢

Characteristics of brace, non-iron, with a sense of wool and elasticity.

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