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top 20 best fulfillment services

Choosing the right fulfillment service is very important if you want to deliver your product to your customers promptly and efficiently.

Even if you have the best product on the market, customer satisfaction will depend heavily on your chosen fulfillment service company.

If you are looking for a new fulfillment service or consider updating your current service, we are here to help you make the best choice. We compiled a “DIRECTORY” of the top 20 best fulfillment service companies that you may inquire from.

What Are Fulfillment Services?

Fulfillment service is a third-party logistics that picks, packs, and ships your order to the customer. It does this from its actual fulfillment center.

Fulfillment services are great for businesses that don’t want to deal with shipping issues or have outgrown their existing warehousing capacity because they can no longer ship orders themselves.

The whole point is to get the product to the customer quickly, efficiently, and without hassle. You don’t need to worry about paying workers overtime to manage rush shipments or finding enough space in your base of operations to store or organize your inventory.

Fulfillment service is a core part of eCommerce success because customers need to get the right order at the right time, or you’ll face bad reviews, refund requests, and lost sales in the future.

We’ve all heard that it’s cheaper to keep an existing customer than to find a new one, and fulfillment service is one of your best weapons to help people stay and buy again.

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How Do Fulfillment Services Work?

how do fulfillment services work

The fulfillment services process is quite simple. When a customer places and pays for an order, the chosen fulfillment center receives all the necessary information to complete the order process. 

Most fulfillment service companies go through the same process when they receive an order. It includes:

  • Receiving the order
  • Finding the items
  • Packing the product
  • Shipping the order
  • Notifying customers of order status

What Types of Fulfillment Services Are Available?

Fulfillment service companies generally refer to third-party logistics (3PL). The following are their main types of services:

1. Transportation-based

Transportation-based 3PL handle all processes related to the transportation of products. They also take export taxes and duties.

2. Warehouse and distribution based

Warehouse and distribution-based 3PL handle products’ storage, transportation, and return. Intelligent freight services are a pillar that covers all aspects of the process, from pickup to delivery.

3. Financial and information base

Financial and information-based 3PL handle freight auditing, inventory management, booking, tracking, and accounting tasks for the company.

What Are The Pros of Working with Fulfillment Services?

pros of working with fulfillment services

Fulfillment services have many benefits, which is why many business owners often use these third-party logistics.

Here are some pros of working with a fulfillment service company:

  • Expand your range and sell your products globally
  • Increase your building space for other business operations
  • Frequent customer service assistance, so you don’t have to deal with it
  • Lower shipping costs because customers are close to multiple locations 
  • Customized packaging options to improve branding
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Use the latest technology to fulfill your orders quickly and correctly
  • Streamlined supply chain management

When Should I Outsource to a Fulfillment Service Company?

Most companies start by fulfilling orders, and some eventually add a third-party solution as they get bigger. The problem is that it’s hard to know when to make the change, especially when your business is getting off the ground.

However, there are some clear signs now is the time to start outsourcing:

1. Completing orders is taking up too much time

Your team does not complete other tasks on time because they’re running around to complete orders. If you fall behind because of order fulfillment, it’s time to consider choosing a fulfillment service company.

2. Orders are going out the wrong way

When your team is overwhelmed, mistakes happen. There’s no way around it. If orders are consistently wrong, they can be expensive to correct, and you may even lose customers.

3. Returns are becoming a problem

Do you have too many returns to deal with? Fulfillment service company can help you manage this problem.

Top 20 Best Fulfillment Service Companies

Company NameProsCons
DeliverrVery easy to use – features Amazon Style.
Transparent and affordable pricing.
Integrates with different tools.
Two-day shipping available.
Designed to meet your fulfillment and warehousing needs.
Works with a wide range of eCommerce platforms.
It does not integrate with ecommerce platforms such as WooCommerce.
Not the best option for shipping small quantities.
WhiteBoxThey help you to manage your tasks.
Ideal for small and medium-scale businesses.
Offers a wide range of fulfillment solutions.
Eliminates unnecessary costs.
Accurate and on-time delivery.
An onboarding fee of $3,000.00, which is expensive and uncommon.
Not a great option for larger businesses.
FedExSwift and quick international shipments.
Integrates with many eCommerce platforms.
Very easy to use.
Highly reputable brand.
Great delivery network.
Dedicated professionals to help business owners.
Not the most consistent customer assistance.
Lacks product-based batch fulfillment.
BrightpearlAn all-in-one solution for small to medium-scale businesses.
Great support system.
Access to customer information.
Very easy to use.
Limited capabilities.
Ships-A-LotQuick and efficient delivery.
Highly reliable.
Integrates with many eCommerce platforms.
Highly secured warehouses.
Works best with Shopify online stores, so you’re out of luck if you’re using other ecommerce platforms.
Red StagAllows for easy scalability.
Exceptional handling of large, heavier items.
Great security system.
Impressive customer support.
Guarantee same-day shipping.
A bit pricey.
It does not integrate with Walmart.
Fulfillment.comDoes a great job of handling high volume orders.
Offers same-day order processing.
Dedicated account manager for every account.
Seven international warehouses.
2-day delivery available.
Great customer support.
Many advanced features.
Not the best option for small companies.
It might be a bit complex for beginners.
ZhenhubIt gives you visibility and total control over your orders and inventory.
Easy-to-use software.
Accommodating and friendly support team.
Offers a variety of fulfillment services.
Complaints of fraudulent accounting practices.
EasyshipVery easy to use.
More than 250 shipping solutions.
Global fulfillment.
Allows for integration with different platform.
Shipping management.
Tax and duty visibility.
Not the fastest delivery service.
Poor logistics services.
High charges.
Amazon FBAGreat for businesses with high volume inventory.
Reputable company name.
Prime shipping for inventory.
Handles a wide range of inventor.
170 fulfillment centers.
Your data goes to Amazon.
Sprocket ExpressGreat customers service.
Very easy to use.
Smooth operations.
Provides complete fulfillment services for ecommerce businesses.
Integrates with eCommerce platforms.
Caters to the growth of your business.
No transparent pricing.
RedHawk GlobalInternational and local shipping.
Great for freight distribution.
Offers a wide range of fulfillment services.
Great for startups and small businesses.
Not for large businesses.
It does not offer much in terms of scalability.
Rakuten Super LogisticsEnterprise business-specific services.
Multiple fulfillment centers in the US.
Specialty fulfillment centers.
It offers subscription box services.
It does not integrate with DHL.
Lacks fulfillment centers outside the US.
ShipWireEasy-to-use system.
Integrates with a wide range of platforms.
International shipping services.
Superb reporting and analytics tools.
No customization.
ShipMonkOffers a wide range of fulfillment services.
International order processing.
Offers warehouse, inventory, and order management.
No inventory receiving or setup fees.
Integrates with more than 75 solution providers, marketplaces, and shopping carts.
It does not integrate with Wix eCommerce.
ShipBobReal-time order tracking and inventory.
Multiple warehouses across the country.
Many valuable tools and user-friendly dashboard.
Swift and on-time delivery.
ShipBob does not offer some services like refrigeration.
You cannot integrate it with Etsy.
Ruby HasSix fulfillment centers across the United States and Canada.
Great picking and packing services.
More than 30 inbuilt API integrations.
Competitive shipping rates.
Not the best customer service.
FreightProsSpeedy delivery service.
Exceptional customer service.
Affordable pricing.
Quickly identifies and resolves delivery issues.
Provides a wide range of tools for easy management of your shipment.
Not ideal for large businesses.
Lacks a transparent pricing model.
FulfillriteFast delivery.
Eliminates high cost of fulfillment.
You do not need any fulfillment knowledge to use it.
It gives you control over your delivery and inventory.
Not the best option for international fulfillments.
eFulfillment ServiceRelatively low-cost.
No account charges, setup fees, and long-term contracts.
Discount shipping costs.
No minimum order required.
Great for eCommerce startups.
Integration with shipping carts.
Dedicated IT team.
Lacks advanced features such as reporting.
It doesn’t offer custom packaging.

How to Choose a Good Fulfillment Service Company?

If you have a successful online store, then you definitely want to have the help of a fulfillment expert. That said, you may be a little confused about what to look for when deciding on a good fulfillment service company.

Of course, you have to consider your personal preferences and what your business needs.

However, here are some things to look for that all the best fulfillment services should have:

  • A solid range of services
  • Cost transparency and fair pricing
  • Scalability
  • Ease of start-up
  • Simple onboarding process
  • Excellent customer service
  • Proper integration and third-party services
  • Intuitive management dashboard

Again, you will certainly be attracted to multiple companies based on personal preference. However, no matter which fulfillment services you use, the above items are something you want to have.

Tips When Comparing Different Fulfillment Services

You have done a lot of research to pick the best supplier to get the best product. In the same way, you should do your due diligence to pick the best fulfillment service company for your online store.

Here are 5 things you should keep in mind when comparing fulfillment service companies:

1. Inventory storage and fulfillment costs

Pricing can be a starting point to begin your research. Therefore, you should compare the storage and fulfillment charges to narrow down the best option.

2. Technology and integration

The e-commerce fulfillment process is complex, but technology makes it easier. Therefore, you should go through the technical capabilities of various order fulfillment companies to select a few options for your consideration.

In addition, fulfillment service companies should offer easy integration with leading partners for shipping and shopping carts.

3. Multiple fulfillment centers

A company with a large fulfillment network can offer faster shipping services. Therefore, check the company’s number of centers before making a final decision.

4. Fulfillment time

The entire process of e-commerce fulfillment involves many steps. Therefore, make sure you choose a company that offers faster fulfillment times.

5. Completeness of fulfillment software

A successful fulfillment strategy requires you to make informed decisions based on the data and analytics the fulfillment platform provides.

Therefore, choose a company that offers intuitive fulfillment software so that you and your staff can easily take advantage of all the features.

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Fulfillment Services FAQ

1. What is order fulfillment?

Order fulfillment is storing products, packing orders, and shipping them to customers. Essentially, it involves everything behind the scenes between when customers place an order and the time they receive it.

2. What are third-party fulfillment services?

When we talk about a third party, we are talking about that part of the production you outsource to someone else. In this case, you want a third-party fulfillment service to take care of filling and managing all the final orders.

3. What is a fulfillment center?

Fulfillment centers provide warehousing (storage) and shipping services to e-commerce merchants, allowing online businesses to operate without having their own warehouse or physical storage space.

4. How much do fulfillment services cost?

Fulfillment services are typically charged by the hour or by the unit pallet. Suppliers add up the costs of receiving, storage, picking and packing, shipping, matching or bundling, returns, custom packaging, gift services, and set-up.

Fulfillment Services Conclusion

A reliable fulfillment service company will make the entire ordering and fulfillment process easier, faster, and friendlier for you and your customers.

When you work with the right order fulfillment company, your online business can focus on growth instead of being bogged down by the constant work of fulfilling orders.

If you want to learn more about fulfillment services, you can leave your comments below.

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