Complete List 2022: Top 100 Best Guangzhou Wholesale Markets

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top 100 best guangzhou wholesale market

What can you buy in Guangzhou Market? The answer is anything you can think of. In Guangzhou, all kinds of goods, big and small, are sold in the market.

Guangzhou Market is the oldest and most famous wholesale market in China. Since the 1980s, this market has been known as the export center of China.

However, many wholesale markets in Guangzhou are not concentrated in one area. If you don’t do your homework before coming to Guangzhou, you will waste a lot of time but not get what you want.

In this article, you will find a “COMPLETE LIST” of the Top 100 Best Guangzhou wholesale markets and the things you should be aware of in these markets, which covers everything you need to know about the Guangzhou Market.

What is Guangzhou Market?

Guangzhou Market is one of the most colorful and best markets in China. You can find almost anything you can imagine at wholesale prices or less.

Most wholesale markets in Guangzhou are located in areas with dozens of markets specializing in the same product category.

There are thousands of wholesalers and manufacturers in each market building, so these markets offer access to a huge portfolio of products.

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Where is Guangzhou Market?

where is guangzhou market

Guangzhou is the capital of Guangdong Province, located in the south of China.

The city was the departure point of the Maritime Silk Road, which was the only port accessible to most foreign traders and played the role of a major transportation hub.

Every year, thousands of traders and merchants visit the city and try to buy the required products. In this case, Guangzhou becomes the main market for importing products from China.

Guangzhou Market is not a single market. Instead, there is a chain of different markets located in Guangzhou. Each market has a different address. They also belong to different areas of Guangzhou.

You can find most wholesale markets in the areas mentioned below:

  • Haizhu District
  • Tianhe District
  • Liwan District
  • Yuexiu District

How to Get to Guangzhou Market?

You can get to Guangzhou Market by following different transport methods:

By plane

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (CAN) is located 17 miles north of downtown. Metro Line 3 is the easiest route into the city, and you can reach the Airport South Station from the terminal’s lower level.

By train

Take the train from Hong Kong via Dongguan and arrive in Guangzhou in about two hours. Trains depart from Hung Hom Station in Kowloon, Hong Kong, and terminate at Guangzhou East Station.

By bus

If you fly to Hong Kong International Airport, you can take a cross-border bus to Guangzhou, which will take about three hours to arrive at Guangzhou.

Departure stations are Austin Road or Canton Road Station in Hong Kong, and the terminal stations are Jinan University, Garden Hotel, and China Hotel in Guangzhou.

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Why Should You Buy from Guangzhou Market?

Guangzhou Market is one of the largest wholesale markets in China and the world.

You can get everything from personal accessories to sophisticated commercial equipment. But whether it is right for you depends on the product you are after.

There are many reasons why the Guangzhou market is suitable for foreign buyers. Here are some of the main reasons:

  • Low prices
  • Wide range of products
  • Availability of new and popular products
  • Attractive profit margins
  • Great opportunity for price negotiation
  • A large number of suppliers

What Products Can You Buy from Guangzhou Market?

Guangzhou is a place where you can buy almost anything you can think of. Guangzhou Market is filled with stores dealing with everyday consumables and household and commercial products.

The market sells a wide variety of products. Compared to other wholesale markets in China, Guangzhou Market has more advantages.

You can purchase the following main products from Guangzhou Market:

  • Jewelry
  • Clothing
  • Bags & Luggage
  • Fabrics & Accessories
  • Hotel & Restaurant supplies
  • Auto parts
  • Beauty & Personal Care
  • Jeans
  • Cell phone & Accessories
  • Shoes
  • Underwear
  • Toys
  • Watches
  • Eyeglasses
  • Wedding Gowns

Top 100 Best Guangzhou Wholesale Markets

Guangzhou Clothing Wholesale Market

guangzhou clothing wholesale market
Baima Clothing MarketNo. 16, South Zhannan RoadHigh-grade women’s clothing, fashion wholesale and retail
Gaodi StreetGaodi Street, Beijing RoadLow-grade belts, underwear, socks, accessory wholesale, and retail
Haizhu Wedding Dress StreetNo. 549, East of Nanhuadong RoadWedding supplies, wedding clothing
Hongmian Fashion PlazaZhanqian RoadMen`s and women`s middle and high-grade clothing wholesale
Jiangnan Wedding Dress StreetNorth of Jiangnan BoulevardWedding dress, evening dress wholesale and retail
Liuhua Clothing Wholesale CityNo. 194, West Huanshi RoadMiddle and low-grade clothing wholesale
Shisanhang Fashion MarketShisanhang RoadAll kinds of fashionable women’s clothing wholesale
Yulong Clothing CityNo. 229, GuangyuanXi RoadMen, women, children’s clothing wholesale
ZhanXi Clothing Wholesale MarketZhanxi Road, Nearby the Railway StationMiddle and high-grade clothing wholesale, retail

Guangzhou Shoes Wholesale Market

guangzhou shoes wholesale market
China South Shoe Industry CityNo. 1629, South of Guangzhou BoulevardAll kinds of shoe industry
Huichang Shoes SquareNo. 103, HuanshiXi RoadShoes wholesale
International Shoes PlazaNo. 28, Zhanxi RoadShoes wholesale
Kingma Shoes CityNo. 39, Zhanxi RoadMiddle and high grade shoes wholesale
Metropolis MallNo. 88, Jiefangnan RoadShoes wholesale
New World Shoes PlazaNo. 12, Zhanxi RoadHigh-grade shoes wholesale
Space Shoes SquareNo. 20, Keshan 3rd Street, HuanshiXi RoadClothing, shoes
Xinqilu Shoes Wholesale MarketNo. 133, HuanshiXi RoadShoes wholesale

Guangzhou Leather Wholesale Market

guangzhou leather wholesale market
Anxing Leather CityNo. 1339, Jiefang North RoadLeather bags
Baiyun World Leather Trade CenterNo. 1356, Jiefangbei RoadLeather case and handbag
Dongsheng Leather Goods City3rd Street, ZiyuangangLeather goods wholesale
Hongfa Leather Products StoreZi YuangangLeather goods wholesale
Jinyi Leather SquareNo. 1453, Jiefang North RoadLeather products
New View Green Leather CollectionNo. 1119, Jiefang North RoadLeather goods wholesale
Qianse Leather Goods SquareZiyuangang, Jiefang North RoadLeather goods, bags
Xinxing Leather Products CityZi YuangangLeather goods wholesale
Yisen Leather Products CityNo. 1389, Jiefang North RoadLeather goods
Ziyuangang Leather Products MarketZiyuangang, Jiefang North RoadLeather goods, luggage

Guangzhou Fabric Wholesale Market

guangzhou fabric wholesale market
Changjiang Clothing Accessories PlazaRuikang RoadClothing fabric, accessories, tags
China South Textile& Raw Material MarketNo. 5, Textile RoadTextile raw material gauze
Guangzhou Textile MarketNo. 112, Xiajiu RoadClothing category, daily necessities category
Guangzhou Textile Wholesale CenterNo. 105-109, Guangfunan RoadTextiles
Haiyin Wool Fabric CenterNo. 429, Yanjiangdong RoadWool, cloth wholesale
Tianxiong Textile CityDechang Road, South of Guangzhou AvenueCloth
Xinhaiyin Wool & Cloth SquareNo. 418, Yanjiangdong RoadWool, cloth
Yangxiang Garment Accessories Professional StreetYangxiang RoadClothing fabrics, accessories
Zhongda International Textile CityRuikang RoadFabric, clothing accessories

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Guangzhou Cosmetics Wholesale Market

guangzhou cosmetics wholesale market
Guangzhou Meibo CityNo. 121, Guangyuanxi RoadCosmetics, hairdressing, washing supplies
Xingfa PlazaNo. 138, Airport RoadCosmetics, washing products, beauty and hairdressing products
Yifa PlazaNo. 96-98, Airport RoadCosmetics, washing products, beauty and hairdressing equipment

Guangzhou Auto Parts Wholesale Market

guangzhou auto parts wholesale market
Fuyi Auto Parts MarketNo. 49, Yongfu RoadAuto parts supplies
Hongyun Auto Parts PlazaNo. 68, Guangyuanxi RoadChinese and foreign auto parts
Huangshi Auto Supplies WholesaleNo. 48, Huangshidong RoadAuto accessories accessories, accessories paint
Jinyongfu Auto Parts CityNo. 48, Yongfu RoadAuto parts and accessories
Jixiang Auto Parts CityNo. 788, Sanyuanli AvenueAuto parts
Kengkou Auto Parts StreetKengkouer Street, Yongfu RoadChinese and foreign auto parts
Longfu Auto Parts CityHengfu RoadAuto accessories
Sanyuanli Auto Parts PlazaNo. 249, Guanghuaer RoadChinese and foreign auto parts
Yiji Motorcycle Accessories PlazaNo. 466, Yanjiangdong RoadMotorcycle accessories supplies
Yiyun Auto Accessories PlazaNo. 79, Yongfu RoadAuto accessories
Yongfu Auto Parts CityNo. 45, Yongfu RoadAuto supplies, auto parts
Yuangang Auto Parts MarketShangyuangang, GuangShan RoadChinese and foreign auto parts
Zhanlong Auto Parts Trading CenterNo. 283, Guangyuanzhong RoadAuto parts

Guangzhou Toy & Gift Wholesale Market

guangzhou toy & gift wholesale market
Art Park Boutique PlazaNo. 85, Yidedong RoadToys stationery gifts boutique
Debao Trading MarketNo. 190, Yide roadToys, stationery, gifts, fine festive supplies
Dejin Wholesale MarketNo. 235-243, Yide roadArts and crafts, boutique
Galas Boutique Toy CityNo. 423, Yidexi RoadToys stationery gifts boutique festive supplies
International Toy Stationery Boutique PlazaNo. 390, Yidexi RoadToys stationery gifts boutique festive supplies
Langneng Stationery Wholesale MarketNo. 435, Yidexi RoadStationery, boutique, jewelry
Liwan PlazaChangshouxi RoadBoutique, gifts, jewelry
Onelink PlazaNo. 39, Jiefangnan roadToys, stationery, boutique
Yideyiyuan Stationery Wholesale MarketNo. 423, Yidexi RoadToys, fine ornaments
Zhonggang Toys Wholesale CityNo.399, Yidexi RoadToys stationery boutique industry

Guangzhou Jewelry Wholesale Market

guangzhou jewelry wholesale market
HuaHui BuildingNo. 19, Wanfu RoadAccessories, hats, scarves
Taikang City PlazaNo. 111, Taikang RoadBoutique, jewelry, jewelry, hats and other products
Xijiao BuildingNo. 2, Zhanqian RoadFashion accessories

Guangzhou Stationery Wholesale Market

guangzhou stationery wholesale market
Chaoyang Cultural Products Wholesale MarketNo. 238, Central of Huadi RoadCultural products
China South Cultural Products Wholesale MarketNo. 44, Nanan roadCultural products, paper products industry
Nanao Wholesale MarketNo. 1, Heliu Street, Nanan RoadStationery supplies
Yiyuan Stationery Toy Boutique MarketNo. 30, Huangsha AvenueToys stationery gifts boutique

Guangzhou Hotel Supplies Wholesale Market

guangzhou hotel supplies wholesale market
Hongtian International Hotel Suppliers Purchasing CenterNo. 528, South of Huadi RoadCeramics, glassware, kitchen equipment
Nantian International Hotel Supplies MarketLuoxi Bridge, South of Guangzhou AvenueKitchen equipment, machinery, ceramics, glasswear, bedding
Shaxi International Hotel Supplers CityPanyu BridgeCeramics, glassware, room supplies, kitchen equipment, machinery
Xinji Hotel Suppliers CityYingbin Road, Panyu DistrictCeramics, glassware, kitchen equipment

Guangzhou Eyeglasses Wholesale Market

guangzhou eyeglasses wholesale market
Fortune Optical & Accessories CityNo. 11, Dade roadGlasses and accessories optical instrument
Guangdong (International) Glasses Trade CentreNo. 313, Guangfu zhong RoadGlasses and accessories optical instrument
Guangzhou Optical CityNo. 260, Renmin Zhong LuOptical instrument for glasses and accessories
Nanfang Glasses Professional MarketNo. 317, Renmin Zhong LuGlasses and accessories optical instrument
XinJiang Glasses CityNo. 250, Renmin Zhong Lu, GuangzhouModern Eyewear Wholesale
Yuehe International Optical CentreNo. 322, Renmin Zhong LuGlasses and accessories optical instrument

Guangzhou Watch Wholesale Market

guangzhou watch wholesale market
Hai Ying Clock & Watch CityNo. 3, North Street, Zhanxi RoadAll kinds of watches and accessories
Mongkok International Watch CenterNo. 1, Baixing Street, Zhanxi RoadAll kinds of watches and accessories
New Kowloon Watch CenterNo. 63, Zhanxi RoadAll kinds of watches and accessories
San Yi Clock & Watch MarketNo. 61, Zhanxi RoadAll kinds of watches and accessories
Southern International Watch CenterNo. 59, Zhanxi RoadAll kinds of watches and accessories
Zhan Xi Clock & Watch CityNo. 65, Zhanxi RoadAll kinds of watches and accessories

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Guangzhou Electronic Audio-visual Wholesale Market

guangzhou electronic audio visual wholesale market
Baiyun Home Appliance CityZoumagang StreetHousehold appliances and audio-visual products
China South Electric PlazaZengcha RoadAudio-visual products, household appliances
General ElectricNo. 16, Zhongshanliu RoadAudio-visual products, audio equipment, household appliances
Haiyin Electrical Appliances Professional Street3rd Road, DashatouAudio-visual products, household appliances, communications equipment
Stage Electrical Equipment Market3rd Road, DashatouStage Acoustics, electrical appliances, lighting
Tianlong Electric Appliance CityNo. 122-136, Airport RoadAudio-visual products, household appliances and all kinds of audio equipment
Xicha Electric PlazaZengcha RoadAudio-visual products, household appliances and second-hand appliances
Xichang Electric Appliance CityNo. 23, Dongfengxi RoadAudio-visual products, all kinds of household appliances

Guangzhou Consumer Electronic Wholesale Market

guangzhou consumer electronic wholesale market
Aoxun Digital Mobile Phone CityNo. 36, 3rd Road, DashatouMobile phones, mobile phone accessories, consumer electronics
Guangzhou Electronics CityNo. 16, Xidier RoadCommunication equipment, mobile phone accessories, mobile phone accessories
Nanfang BuildingNo. 49, Yanjiangxi RoadMobile phone accessories, consumer electronics and accessories
Xidi Electronics CityNo. 1-3, Dexing RoadCommunications equipment, mobile phone accessories, mobile phone accessories

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Guangzhou Photographic Equipment Wholesale Market

guangzhou photographic equipment wholesale market
Guangzhou Shengxian Photography Equipment Market2nd Road, DashatouCameras, digital cameras, photographic equipment accessories

Guangzhou Fishing Gear Wholesale Market

guangzhou fishing gear wholesale market
China South Fishing Gear Market 1 / F, Liuxiang Plaza, Huadi AvenueFishing Rod, fishing box, Hook, float, line, wheel, Bait, etc
Jinhuadi Fishing Gear CityNo. 42, Central of Huadi AvenueFishing Rod, fishing box, Hook, all kinds of fishing bag, fishing nets, etc

Tips When Buying from Guangzhou Market

Buying goods from Guangzhou Market is not that easy. If you don’t make a plan in advance, you will waste a lot of time looking for locations and even get lost.

Once you have researched which wholesale markets you should visit, the journey has just begun.

You can only make a plan if you make sure what type of products you need. After you have a clear target of products, you can choose markets that focus on those products.

Here are 5 tips for buying from Guangzhou Market:

1. Pay the deposit

Suppliers in Guangzhou Market generally require a certain amount as a deposit. Remember that the deposit must be less than 30%, and always check the quality of the product before paying the balance.

2. Language barrier

As a foreigner, an inevitable problem when buying from Guangzhou wholesale market is language.

Yansourcing has professional agents to help you select quality goods. They will negotiate the lowest prices with these suppliers to ensure you save on your purchasing costs.

3. Settle in RMB

Most of the suppliers in Guangzhou Market only accept RMB. The best practice is to bring enough cash of your own and convert the money into RMB when you arrive in China.

Or you can ask Yansourcing for help, so you don’t have to worry about it.

4. Ex-factory price terms

Guangzhou Market offers are based on EXW (Ex-works), which means they deliver the product to their store or a nearby warehouse, and that’s it.

So, you need to handle the shipping from China to your country, which includes booking & loading containers, preparing shipping documents, and customs clearance.

5. Product Matching

Guangzhou wholesale markets are not all geared towards foreign buyers, so the products may not be suitable for your country.

For example, if a UK buyer is looking for an electrical product with a 3-round pin plug, it may need to be customized because the Chinese standard is a 3-flat pin plug.

Why Need a Guangzhou Market Sourcing Agent?

top 100 best china sourcing agent company

In Guangzhou, many sourcing agents help you with your sourcing based on different wholesale markets.

Most sourcing agents focus on sourcing, market guidance, and export services in Guangzhou Market. Usually, we call them “Guangzhou sourcing agents”.

When sourcing in Guangzhou Market, you should hire a sourcing agent and establish a long-term business relationship with them.

Whether you are buying clothing, shoes, bags, or other products, remember to find a good Guangzhou sourcing agent for your wholesale purchases.

Here are some of the main services you can get from a Guangzhou sourcing agent:

  • Market research
  • Supply chain management
  • Follow up on the production
  • Finding suppliers
  • Performing factory audits
  • Managing the purchasing process
  • Find the best price
  • Choose the best shipping method

Guangzhou sourcing agent can provide more services according to your needs, which include logistics, transportation, pre-shipment inspection, and customs clearance.

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How to Find a Good Sourcing Agent for Guangzhou Market?

Guangzhou is a complex market for new importers. When choosing a good sourcing agent to help you buy from Guangzhou Market, there are some ways to make it easier to find them.

Here are 5 tips for finding a good Guangzhou sourcing agent:

1. Good communication

The best sourcing agents are always fluent in spoken and written English, making it easier for you to communicate with them and understand the details of your requirements, which will help develop a good partnership in the future.

2. Experience and expertise

Experience is not just about the years a sourcing agent has been doing the job. It also refers to how well a sourcing agent knows the intricate details of the entire procurement process.

In addition, they must know some special cases that can arise in a transaction.

how to find a good sourcing agent in china

3. Know exactly what you will get

You must ask the sourcing agent more questions to find out about their resources.

A good sourcing agent should provide certification requirements, order samples, select qualified suppliers, affordable pricing, quality control, etc.

4. Transparency

A good sourcing agent will agree to be transparent in all aspects of the transaction.

This means they will avoid bribes or getting extra commissions from suppliers without your knowledge. A trustworthy sourcing agent should be honest and willing to commit.

5. Research and compare

Select your desired product areas, construct your requirements, and relay the information to different sourcing agents.

You can pick their details for comparison and then choose the sourcing process that is most beneficial to you. A professional sourcing agent service can help you reach your goals quickly.

Guangzhou Market FAQ

1. Is the price of Guangzhou Market high?

Since Guangzhou is the international trade center of China, the things offered in this market cannot be too expensive to afford.

In addition, major shopping malls in Guangzhou are always on sale, and store owners often attract customers by showing huge discounts.

2. Can we buy from the Guangzhou market online?

Not exactly. Although some suppliers operate their own online stores, you cannot explore or visit the entire Guangzhou Market online.

Currently, Guangzhou Market is not fully accessible online, and there is no official website or app for Guangzhou Market.

3. How to get to different wholesale markets from Guangzhou Airport?

A few years ago, taking the Airport Express bus was the best way to get from the Guangzhou Airport. Today, you can choose the metro instead of the bus and taxi.

Through the metro, you can go to different wholesale markets in Guangzhou.

4. Where are the best hotel locations in Guangzhou Market?

Guangzhou wholesale markets are mainly in Yuexiu, Liwan, Haizhu, and Tianhe. These areas have cost-competitive and comfortable hotels and residences.

You will find that these places are easily and quickly accessible to the wholesale markets by metro.

5. What is the difference between Guangzhou Market and Yiwu Market?

Yiwu market is full of manufacturers and wholesalers, while Guangzhou Market combines manufacturers, traders, and intermediaries.

In addition, Guangzhou Market is open from 9:30 am – 7:00 pm, while Yiwu Market opens at 8:30 am and closes at 5:00 pm.

Guangzhou Market Conclusion

Guangzhou is a wholesale paradise that can help you develop a successful import business from China. You can purchase here, both in retail and wholesale.

We hope this article has added value to your knowledge about the Guangzhou Market. Please let us know in the comments if you have any further questions.

I am Yan, the founder of Yansourcing, the best sourcing agent in China, who can quickly and safely help you buy and import from China. If you have any questions about importing from China, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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