How to Get Faster Shipping on AliExpress?

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how to get faster shipping on aliexpress

Shopping on AliExpress can be an exciting experience, with access to countless products at competitive prices. However, shipping times can sometimes be a concern.

This comprehensive guide will provide you with the knowledge and strategies needed to get faster shipping on AliExpress, ensuring you receive your items more quickly and efficiently.

Understanding AliExpress Shipping

aliexpress standard shipping

1. AliExpress shipping methods

There are several shipping methods available on AliExpress, ranging from standard shipping to express options.

Some of the popular shipping methods include China Post, AliExpress Standard Shipping, ePacket, and DHL.

2. Delivery timeframes

Shipping times on AliExpress can vary greatly, depending on the shipping method, destination country, and other factors.

Generally, standard shipping can take 15-60 days, while express shipping options can take 3-15 days.

3. Factors affecting shipping speed

Shipping speed can be affected by factors such as customs clearance, local postal services, and peak seasons like holidays.

Strategies to Get Faster Shipping on AliExpress

strategies to get faster shipping on aliexpress

1. Selecting the right shipping method

Choose faster shipping methods like ePacket or DHL for quicker delivery.

Remember that faster shipping options may come with additional costs.

2. Choosing a reputable seller

Select sellers with high ratings and a good reputation, as they are more likely to ship items quickly and provide better service.

3. Checking seller ratings and reviews

Before purchasing, check the seller’s ratings and reviews to ensure they have a history of fast shipping and satisfied customers.

4. Communicating with the seller

Ask the seller about their shipping times and whether they can expedite your order.

5. Requesting expedited shipping

Request the seller to expedite your shipping, if available. This may come with additional costs.

6. Utilizing AliExpress shipping coupons

Take advantage of AliExpress shipping coupons and discounts to reduce shipping costs for faster options.

Tools and Resources for Faster AliExpress Shipping

tools and resources for faster aliexpress shipping

1. AliExpress Direct

This service consolidates orders from multiple sellers into one shipment, reducing shipping times.

2. Shipping agents and forwarders

Consider using shipping agents and forwarders to expedite shipping and manage customs clearance.

3. AliExpress Premium Shipping

Opt for AliExpress Premium Shipping, a faster shipping service provided by AliExpress in partnership with global courier companies.

4. AliExpress Standard Shipping

This is a reliable shipping option, offering faster shipping times compared to other standard methods.

Tips for Faster AliExpress Shipping

tips for faster aliexpress shipping

1. Ordering during peak seasons

Avoid ordering during peak seasons like holidays, as shipping times may be longer due to increased demand.

2. Consolidating orders

Combine orders from multiple sellers to save on shipping costs and expedite delivery.

3. Monitoring shipment status

Regularly track your order’s shipping status to stay informed and address any delays.

4. Providing accurate delivery information

Ensure your shipping address and contact information are accurate to avoid delays and missed deliveries.

Best Practices for Safe and Secure AliExpress Shipping

best practices for safe and secure aliexpress shipping

1. Understanding AliExpress buyer protection policies

Familiarize yourself with AliExpress’s buyer protection policies, which provide safeguards for buyers in case of shipping issues or disputes.

2. Inspecting items upon arrival

Examine your items immediately upon delivery to ensure they match the description and quality promised by the seller.

3. Handling disputes and claims

If you encounter issues with your order, contact the seller or AliExpress customer support to resolve disputes and claims.

4. Leaving feedback and ratings

Share your shipping experience by leaving feedback and ratings for the seller, helping future buyers make informed decisions.


Getting faster shipping on AliExpress is achievable by following the strategies and tips outlined in this guide.

By selecting the right shipping method, working with reputable sellers, and utilizing available tools and resources, you can significantly improve your AliExpress shipping experience.

Additionally, adhering to best practices for safe and secure shipping ensures a smooth and satisfactory online shopping experience.

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1. What is the average shipping time for AliExpress?

The average shipping time for AliExpress varies depending on the shipping method and destination country.

But it typically ranges from 15 to 60 days for standard shipping and 3 to 15 days for express shipping options.

2. How can I track my AliExpress package?

You can track your AliExpress package using the tracking number provided by the seller.

This can be found in your order details, and you can use AliExpress’s tracking system or the carrier’s website to track your package.

3. Is it safe to buy from AliExpress?

Yes, AliExpress is generally safe to buy from, as it offers buyer protection policies that safeguard buyers in case of issues with their orders.

However, it’s essential to choose reputable sellers and follow best practices for safe and secure shipping.

4. Can I cancel an order on AliExpress?

Yes, you can cancel an order on AliExpress, provided the seller has not shipped the item yet.

To cancel an order, go to your order details page and select the “Cancel Order” option.

5. How do I request a refund on AliExpress?

To request a refund on AliExpress, open a dispute within the buyer protection period.

Go to your order details page, click “Open Dispute,” and provide the necessary information.

The seller and AliExpress will review your claim, and if it’s valid, you will receive a refund.

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