Alibaba Alternatives: 70+ Best Sites Like Alibaba 2022 Updated

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alibaba alternatives

Do you want to buy wholesale products at low prices? Then Alibaba is a highly searched wholesale website where you can buy bulk goods at excellent prices.

But what if some Alibaba alternatives are better for your business? With more quality suppliers? Or more local suppliers?

It is crucial for everyone, including small retailers, large companies, or FBA sellers, to explore other Alibaba alternatives or sites like Alibaba to source products. So, we will discuss Alibaba alternatives next.

Alibaba Alternatives: Sites Like Alibaba in China

1. Global Sources


Global Sources is one of the top competitors of Alibaba, and they offer much lower prices than

For those who want to buy many products, Global Sources is the best site because they give higher discounts on MOQ.

Like most other sites such as Alibaba, they offer various shipping options, including ocean shipping, which helps those who want to ship cheap products quickly, ultimately saving these sellers a lot of money.

2. Made in China

made in china

Made in China is an alternative to Alibaba for those interested in a site that offers multiple ways to source products for global buyers. With Made in China, you will never be exposed to trade risks.

In addition to quality supplies, Made in China offers users the freedom to purchase, accept, sign, manage and fulfill orders for the supply of goods and services online.

Users can also audit reports to check their valid information. Made in China is a suitable foreign trade site for people who do not want to buy the maximum number of products.

3. DHgate


DHGate is a Chinese wholesale website that offers millions of products in various categories at wholesale prices. This site works similarly to Alibaba.

Suppliers sell one piece or bulk products at low prices, so you can contact suppliers and negotiate price values. DHgate also offers free shipping and on-time delivery service.

4. AliExpress


Alibaba Group launched Aliexpress in 2010 as a B2C platform. Aliexpress sells wholesale products to foreign buyers and local brands. 

This site does not allow Chinese consumers to buy from this platform. Foreign companies or individuals cannot use this platform to open stores in China.

It has the same benefits as Alibaba, involving the same products, but with some restrictions for sellers.

5. Yiwugo


Yiwugo was founded in 2012 and catering to bulk purchasing for almost ten years. The benefit of using Yiwugo is that most of their suppliers have factories.

Their minimum order quantity is as low as one piece, but they can also provide bulk orders. This site has over 500,000 visitors per day.



The HKTDC uses a network of 50 offices worldwide to connect Hong Kong businesses with buyers from Asia, mainland China and beyond.

The HKTDC lists both client products and B2B services that want to create business opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises to explore global markets.

7. TradeKey


Established in 2006, TradeKey has been one of the reliable China wholesale websites. On TradeKey, you can find the trust score, which indicates the reliability and legitimacy of the seller or exporter.

The trust points icon is next to the seller’s or exporter’s name. You can click on the seller’s name and then click on the Trust Profile link on the right side of the page.

You will see the type of business, trust score, year of joining, and the number of reviews from here.

8. Chinabrands


Chinabrands is one of Alibaba’s main competitors. You will also see thousands of products in various niches. The sellers offer their products wholesale, supporting dropshipping and wholesale buyers.

Chinabrands is very active in marketing its website, so you shouldn’t be surprised if you compete with this provider.

You can choose a specific niche so that your customers can easily find the products they are looking for on your website.

9. TradeChina


TradeChina is one of the cheapest Chinese wholesalers.

The main categories that this cheap Wholesaler offers you are food processing, clothing and textiles, advertising signs, construction materials, auto parts, plastics and packaging, and machinery and parts.

ChinaTrade is part of Meorient International, specializing in global brand exhibitions, with a total exhibition space of over 150,000 square meters per year.


1688 is the largest domestic wholesale and sourcing website in China, selling all goods for the Chinese domestic market.

So, you may not be able to get the products you need from 1688 because their shipping services are limited to China. If you want to import through 1688, you will have to contact your agents.

1688 is not multilingual like other sites, which only provide Chinese. So it may increase the risk and communication cost of your transaction. If you are Chinese, this is not a big problem for you.

11. LightintheBox


If you are looking for retail buying, then this is one of the best alternatives to Alibaba.

LightintheBox is a retail site where you can buy clothes, shoes, electronics, gadgets, toys, and more. There is no heavy equipment or machinery here as the site is for consumers.

One of the benefits of this marketplace is that buyers don’t need to meet MOQ requirements. Also, there is always a flash sale here, and you can grab items at very low prices.

12. Yaaku


Yaaku is a Chinese wholesale website that sells clothing, sweaters, dresses, leggings, skirts, t-shirts, and other fashion products.

This wholesale website offers high-quality products at low prices, and it is considered one of the cheapest Chinese wholesale websites.

Not only that, but they also offer high-quality products, a simplified payment process, and fast delivery. Their fashion products serve women, men, couples, and children.

13. ECVV


ECVV is one of the world’s largest B2B platforms.

To provide security procurement services for buyers, ECVV has developed an M2B2C model, which includes the provisions of premium suppliers, complete product information, and assurance services for buyers.

ECVV aims to provide you with an easy and convenient way of trade. This site provides you with high-quality products with one click. Also offers you discounts and gifts, don’t take them fraud like other websites.

14. Shein


Shein is a global fashion and lifestyle e-tailer committed to making the beauty of fashion accessible to everyone.

Their collection is great because it keeps up with the latest trends. You will receive amazing shoes, handbags, clothing, and other items if you want to open a store that sells women’s clothing.

15. ChinaGoods


ChinaGoods is a Chinese wholesaler that allows you to buy cheap products from Yiwu China Commodity City, the largest wholesale market for small commodities globally.

ChinaGoods currently has 2.1 million items in 26 product categories. All sellers on this site have a stall in the Yiwu market, which means they must meet online and offline management requirements.

16. Gearbest


Gearbest is a Chinese wholesale site that caters to the international market by offering these electronic goods, gadgets, and other technologies. Drones, cell phones, and watches are popular items on this site.

Not only that, but they also offer high-quality products, a simplified payment process, and fast delivery. Their fashion products serve women, men, couples, and children.

17. Chinavision


Chinavision launched in 2004, offers high-quality products at low prices.

If you want to buy electronics, then Chinavasion would be the ideal place to do so as it is a safe, simple, and reliable website. Not only that, they even offer full-time pre and post-sales services.

18. LovelyWholesale


LovelyWholesale is one of the most popular wholesale clothing and jewelry suppliers, with factories in Guangzhou and Shanghai, known for following the latest fashion trends.

This site was founded in 2005, and the platform has a solid reputation for affordable clothing and an international customer base.

Alibaba Alternatives: Sites Like Alibaba in the USA

1. Amazon


Amazon is one of the largest wholesalers in the United States. In 2017, e-commerce totaled US$1.96 billion, accounting for 43.5% of e-commerce cases in the United States. 

After several years of sales and operations, Amazon is very clear about what products someone wants and when to buy, and it has begun to skip middlemen and sell its products.

2. Costco


Costco is a name that needs no introduction, though we’ll give you one anyway. Launched in 1983, the American giant dominates the global wholesaler landscape, with 770 outlets worldwide – 3 in Sydney alone. 

While they are known predominantly for their bulk grocery services, they offer various products, from insurance to pharmaceuticals.

3. Walmart


Walmart is making significant waves in the e-commerce industry while also having a considerable impact on the lives of many.

For over five years, the brand has provided the most private employee opportunities in the US, with around 2.2M workers and over 1M in the US.

4. eBay


Unlike other US suppliers, eBay has not yet invested in constructing warehouses or launched competitive distribution projects. 

Therefore, eBay will deliver goods exclusively by delivery and cannot guarantee timely delivery. The user experience is very different. At the same time, eBay does not have a product evaluation function.

5. Thomas Net

thomas net

Thomas Net is one of the earliest B2B marketplaces still in business, with over 120 years of experience as a global source of products. They focus on helping B2B enterprises to flourish and access worldwide buyers.

You can design a more robust marketing strategy thanks to their friendly interface, products, suppliers, data, and digital technologies.

6. WorldWideBrands


WorldWideBrands was founded in 1999.

It is a product sourcing analysis firm that has a primary role in identifying and qualifying factory-authorized wholesale suppliers and wholesale websites distributors willing to sell to home businesses and online retailers.

The target customers for the company consist of small to medium-sized retailers and online sellers selling on popular e-commerce channels such as eBay, Amazonas, and independent e-commerce websites.

7. 4WholesaleUSA


With over 54 categories and 700 suppliers, 4WholesaleUSA lists some of the best U.S.-based wholesalers in the industry.

Products are generally consumer-oriented, from apparel and fragrances to electronics and toys.

8. WholesaleCentral


Wholesale Central is a B2B platform, and it just supports wholesaling. Retailing is unavailable. It collects more than 380,000 items, and abundant supplier categories are involved.

There is a dedicated section for Asian suppliers and products. But the categories are limited, only shoes & footwear, tools & hardware, toys & hobbies, and watches.

9. Salehoo


Salehoo is one of the wholesale suppliers in the United States, providing paid catalog services for 8,000-scale suppliers. But first, you must pay $67 to register an account.

SaleHoo has listed 1.5 million products in 150 categories, and once you become a premium member, users can access the following resources: scheduled training centers, market research laboratories, etc.

Alibaba Alternatives: Sites Like Alibaba in the UK

1. FashionTIY


FashionTIY is currently the most popular Wholesaler in the UK.

They can provide various products, and the wholesale prices of all products are more than 70% cheaper than other suppliers. They can also offer fast shipping services, which are very convenient and fast!

You can call this website the best online trading platform, which has provided convenience to traders worldwide for many years; and has been praised by thousands of satisfied customers.

2. The Wholesaler UK

the wholesaler uk

The Wholesaler UK opened in 1999. This site is free for buyers because they charge a fee to the listed suppliers, bringing revenue to the company and serving as a filter to eliminate fraudulent suppliers.

They have a strict verification process, checking the supplier’s address through phone calls and other searches.

They also have a dedicated line where buyers can register complaints when they encounter problems with the listed suppliers.

3. eSources


eSources is a growing company that has added more than one million products to its website in 10 years.

They offer both free and premium memberships. By becoming a premium member, you can access more suppliers and an unlimited number of contacts.

The best thing about this site is the strict verification process it has put in place to ensure buyers’ protection from unscrupulous international traders.

Trade payment is insured and guaranteed and can be done across the platform. The website offers a broad category of wholesale goods, and the prices are also very competitive.

4. Net-a-Porter

net a porter

Net-a-Porter is a British fashion e-commerce company. In 2000, the British Natalie Masnet raised funds to establish Net-a-Porter, an online monopoly of fashion luxury goods. 

The main international business is currently concentrated in Australia, Canada, the United States, China, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, France, Germany, and Irel.

5. BingaBinga

BingaBinga is a wholesale platform for high-end consumers in the UK and Europe.

The current categories of the platform include bedding and linen fabrics, decorations, wall art, clocks, lamps & candles, cooking and dining, jewelry, outdoor products, and customized selections.

Alibaba Alternatives: Sites Like Alibaba in France

1. Cdiscount


Cdiscount is currently the largest online wholesale mall in France and the darling of French online shopping consumers.

The main products include daily necessities, food, electronic products, household appliances, baby products, bags, toys, etc.

There are more than 16 million buyers, and the monthly number of unique visitors to its platform has reached 11 million.

2. Venteprvée


Venteprvée is a French fashion e-commerce company. Its operating model is based on purchasing memberships for a limited time. The products provided by Venteprvée include clothing, shoes, and handbags.

The business scope covers twelve countries, including France, Italy, Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Brazil, and Mexico.

3. Lenewblack

Lenewblack focuses mainly on French high-end clothing goods. The registration fee is paid annually, but buyers do not have to pay a cent.

The platform is friendly and has integrated payment options. The various categories of high-end French wear are catered for.

Alibaba Alternatives: Sites Like Alibaba in Europe

1. Merkandi


Merkandi focuses on wholesale selling. To become a member, one chooses either to be a buyer or a purchaser, and registration for manufacturers is nothing compared to contemporary platforms such as Alibaba.

Many users have applauded the platform for its user-friendly interface and ease of transacting, and the payment can be made through the platform via PayPal or credit card. They also do not charge for the service of providing b2b contact.

2. Tradelizard


The website provides all categories of merchandise. Tradelizard serves globally but is open to manufacturers and suppliers of Europe looking to sell their goods across the globe.

3. Eurolots

Eurolots has a very eloquent category list. It also features many wholesale deals and has integrated payment options.

4. Worldtradesupport

Worldtradesupport is the European equivalent of Alibaba, but it’s applauded for better features such as agents and daily deals that many wholesale buyers are constantly hunting for.

Alibaba Alternatives: Sites Like Alibaba in India

1. Indiamart 


Indiamart is an Indian b2b eCommerce platform like Alibaba and India’s most popular online wholesale market for source products.

Being one of the largest directories of Indian manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors of hundreds of different products, you can find anything to buy from here.

Standard products sold on Indiamart include furniture supplies, building and construction materials, apparel and garments, industrial supplies, etc.

The marketplace has over 48 lac suppliers, more than six crore buyers, and over five crore products available online to buy.

2. Wholesale Box

wholesale box

Wholesale Box is a famous online wholesale market for women’s apparel and accessories.

Their headquarters are in India, although they have warehouses and offices around the country, notably in Surat, Kolkata, and Hyderabad.

The Wholesale Box is a business-to-business online wholesale market that promises to save you up to 30% on sourcing expenses compared to traditional wholesale wholesalers.

3. TradeIndia 


TradeIndia is an online Business to a Business portal for small businesses based in India and around the globe. It serves the same industry market to business wholesale market as Indiamart.

The buyers can post their requests for quote requirements and source products anywhere. You can wholesale clothing, furniture, gifts and crafts, home textile, and furnishings online in India.

It has 3.9 million sellers and 3.7 million registered buyers. It is free to register for sellers, so you must be vigilant of the suppliers you interact with.

4. Surat Fabric 

surat fabric

Surat Fabric has been in the wholesale clothing and fabric business for more than 25 years.

Located in Surat, Gujarat, a popular spot of wholesalers in India, surat fabric has been distinguished by wholesale sarees, suits, and lehengas manufacturers and distributors worldwide.

They sell in 10 pcs per dress and have a collection of party wear dresses, designer dresses, silk sarees, Kurtis, casual clothing, and bridal wear. They also have a big warehouse to store and ship their clothing worldwide at wholesale.

5. Industry Buying 

industry buying

In India, Industry Buying is an online wholesale website. There are 5000 vendors in more than 40 categories and 600,000 SKUs.

This online wholesale market in India concentrates mainly on essential industrial commodities like Surveillance cameras, safety footwear, pumps, power tools, etc.

You may register a profile and ask for wholesale pricing if you want to buy things at a more significant discount. International clients can pay by credit card and Indian consumers.

6. Wholesaletextile


Wholesaletextile bring out multiple ranges of women’s clothing design with various patterns. Any buyers looking for a complete catalog can purchase from them and deliver it to your desired location. 

The collection available with Wholesaletextile varies according to the occasion and festive seasons, such as bridal wear or office wear.

The women’s clothing products you would find on the website are made with superior quality fabric checked by a quality team.

7. Wholesale Mantra 

wholesale mantra

Wholesale mantra is an online wholesale marketplace based in India which aims to sell Kurtis, lehenga, bottoms, sarees, shalwar kameez, and other home decor items.

They offer the lowest price guarantee for all their traditional and Indian clothing. They cater to the needs of the Indian and Pakistani communities living in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, and other countries.

They also have custom tailoring facilities to ensure the customer gets dresses tailored to their needs. The international wholesale orders are shipped and delivered within 4-5 days.

8. ExportersIndia


ExportersIndia was founded in 1997, one of the leading names in web design and development and e-commerce solutions.

They incorporate the latest updates in this field as a technological background to make the clients’ business renowned worldwide.

It has a huge databank of buyers and sellers from across the globe. They claim to match the wholesalers for any buyer. It is free to register for wholesalers and buyers.

Alibaba Alternatives: Sites Like Alibaba in Japan

1. Super Delivery

super delivery

Retailers worldwide use Super Delivery to buy products from Japanese companies. The website has more than 480,000 products and no minimum order quantity. 

You can sign up for free and search for items in various categories, including apparel, shoes, everyday art, furniture, etc.

Every listing also highlights the ways you can get your order shipped. The estimated arrival for each shipping method is also mentioned.

2. Wholesale Japan

wholesale japan

Wholesale Japan is the best place to get Japanese brand products wholesale. They ship worldwide from Japan, with Free Seamail Shipping for bulk orders.

And their product guarantees 100% Japanese Brand products and 100% Secure Payments, such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, Google pay, Apple Pay, Shop Pay, etc.

3. Yukisale

Yukisale is an online store known for being the largest distributor of very cheap Japanese clothing.

In recent years, it has become one of the best online Asian clothing stores, becoming known for its prices and the security of purchase it offers.

There are many Japanese fashion brands that you will find here. You have to look at their extensive clothing catalog and get your favorites.

This Japanese online store distributes directly to your home with free shipping costs worldwide for a certain amount of money. And also, an extra 10% discount on your first order.

Alibaba Alternatives: Sites Like Alibaba in South Korea

1. EC21


EC21 is almost a replica of Alibaba. It connects suppliers and buyers worldwide and is the largest online B2B marketplace today. It currently has over 7 million products from over 3.5 million buyers in various categories.

EC21 has a complete list of trade support systems and offers its customers numerous global business opportunities.

The site is leading the competition in international trade and is one of the fastest-growing professional organizations.

2. TradeKorea 


TradeKorea is an online B2B platform for global trade based in Korea. It is operated by Korea’s most prominent business organization, KITA (Korea International Trade Association).

TradeKorea showcases numerous companies and descriptions looking for cross-border trading partners.

It provides the latest buying and selling leads, trade statistics, and online trade shows, which offer a one-stop shopping experience for companies conducting international trade with no membership fees.

Alibaba Alternatives: Sites Like Alibaba in Singapore



Founded in 2017, Eezee is Singapore’s largest B2B marketplace for industrial and business supplies.

The company is headquartered in Singapore, providing buyers with access to a wide range of brands and products for easy comparison across goods and suppliers.

At Eezee, they aim to streamline the lengthy and tedious procurement process using technology.

Alibaba Alternatives: Sites Like Alibaba in Indonesia

1. Tokopedia


Tokopedia is the largest online marketplace in Indonesia.

You can get almost anything from their kitchen towels to new or used electronics, which is a place to shop and pay your phone, TV, Internet, and other bills online.

There are several payment options, including bank transfers, credit card payments, OVO payments, and even cash payments at any Indomaret mini-mart outlet.

2. Made in Indonesia

made in indonesia

Made in Indonesia is Indonesia’s first B2B international e-commerce platform that provides B2B cross-border e-commerce for Indonesian companies while simplifying sourcing and procurement from Indonesia.

Made in Indonesia, short as MIND, which acts as a catalyst for trade liberalization and internationalization for Indonesian manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, suppliers, and especially SMEs.

By providing a secure, fast, intelligent, reliable, and user-friendly medium of electronic trade to cope with the fierce competition in the market.

Alibaba Alternatives: Sites Like Alibaba in Thailand

1. RannThai


RannThai is a Free B2B website where global buyers and suppliers meet to start trade, which aims to be the global B2B marketplace with the most reliable online platform for both Thailand trading companies and overseas buyers.

RannThai offers a manufacturer’s directory, product catalogs, selling leads, and buying leads to importers, exporters, manufacturers, wholesalers, and suppliers.

Buyers/importers can search and contact suppliers quickly by B2B categories and keywords. Buyers can also post their buying leads to get quotes or offers from manufacturers.

2. Thaitrade


Thaitrade is Thailand’s official B2B electronic market, established in 2011 by the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) of the Ministry of Commerce of Thailand.

The main purpose of this site is to increase trading opportunities for Thai exporters.

The site has always been an electronic market for the b2b market segment. It has established connections with Thai sellers (especially small and medium enterprises) and international buyers.


B2BThai is Thailand’s best B2B online marketplace for publishing, buying, and selling wholesale products.

Its platform has more than 337,561 products, and it provides a variety of suppliers. Buyers can have perfect access to product sources and manufacturers.

Alibaba Alternatives: Sites Like Alibaba in Vietnam

1. Vietnam Export

vietnam export

Vietnam Export is an official business information channel to introduce export potentials of Vietnam, which is designed to provide a database on export enterprises of Vietnam classified by business sector, especially the list of verified exporters for further information.

VietnamExport will become a reliable address to help foreign companies search for information about Vietnam’s particular markets and export enterprises.

It will be widely introduced to other economic and business organizations, trade associations, and companies abroad to promote Vietnam’s image and export potential.

2. Vietnam Manufacturer

vietnam manufacturer

Vietnam Manufacturer was established in 2009, which began as a trade magazine to promote Vietnamese companies and global business interests.

Since then, they have expanded and now offer an extensive searchable database, trade show promotions, and industry-specific publications.

3. is a database of Japanese companies that manufacture and operate in Vietnam. They maintain a good database of Vietnam-based manufacturers written in English and are easily searchable.

Since the factories in their database are large Japanese-managed factories, you can often find manufacturers with higher quality control.

4. Vietnam AZ

vietnam az

Vietnam AZ is an aggregated trade site for small and medium-sized companies wishing to do business in Vietnam. Initially, the site was targeted primarily at U.S. importers.

As the business has grown, AZ Vietnam has expanded its network to include Europe, the Middle East, and East Asia.

5. Vietnamese Made

VietnameseMade is a Global Online Marketplace and a B2B Trade Portal website. It was set up to assist and facilitate buyers and sellers to communicate, collaborate, and conduct trading activities anytime, anywhere!

VietnameseMade was specifically set up to help promote trade between Vietnam and other countries worldwide. Their office is currently based in Sydney, Australia, and they are planning to set up an office shortly in Vietnam.

6. VCCI News 

vcci news

VCCI News is a website that provides news to exporters and also offers a directory of businesses in Vietnam. The directory is a little simple and organized by category, so it’s not easy to use.

Alibaba Alternatives: Sites Like Alibaba in Philippines

1. OLX


OLX is an international company that serves millions of clients in more than 20 countries. It was formerly known as, a platform that could handle large clients at the same time.

They have also acquired many small businesses to speed up their process in recent years. This website has most of the wholesale clothing suppliers and pet accessories wholesalers in the Philippines.

2. Bultuhan


Bultuhan is a native e-commerce wholesale marketplace in the Philippines.

You can find and buy the best-priced products from the top manufacturers, distributors, and produce growers in the Philippines and find new brands that you can use and resell or make new products.

3. Pinoy Listing

Pinoy Listing is Business Directory Philippines ( Yellow Pages ) that aims to help you reach and be seen by your valuable local customers or clients.

They offer various services, including corporate outsourcing, so if you want to hire a small group to go over to manufacturing, the Philippines is a good choice.

4. is a B2B customer search engine with a global scale and approach, with offices in several countries, designed to create an interconnected community of businesses and consumers to meet all needs, thus generating closer ties between customers and companies.

Tuugo is free for both individuals and businesses. Users can post and search for listings as they wish. We generate revenue by displaying relevant ads next to sponsored listings posted by users.

Alibaba Alternatives: Sites Like Alibaba in Taiwan

1. Taiwantrade


Taiwantrade was founded in 2002, which is the most important B2B platform in Taiwan and is the largest non-profit trade promotion organization in Taiwan.

With a global network of 63 offices, it is dedicated to helping global companies find quality suppliers and products from Taiwan.

Taiwantrade provides reliable, trustworthy, and efficient services as a comprehensive trade promotion platform, including trade matching, custom sourcing, magazine publications, and newsletters.

2. B2BMit


B2BMit provides a trading platform for Taiwan’s manufacturing industry that encompasses over 50,000 suppliers of various industrial products who offer world-class OEM/ODM services and comprehensive solutions for all your manufacturing needs.

Whether you plan to expand your distribution channels, develop new products or explore new markets, they will help your business gain a competitive advantage through specialized international cooperation.

3. B2BManufactures


B2BManufactures focuses on providing e-commerce solutions for small and medium-sized businesses in Taiwan and China and helping them become more competitive on the international stage.

B2BManufactures integrates various online marketing tools such as search engine optimization (SEO), online showrooms, digital catalogs, and company videos to help companies succeed in international business.

Alibaba Alternatives: Sites Like Alibaba for Dropshipping

1. CJDropshipping


The CJDropshipping is a trusted dropshipping website that offers tons of products to choose from in all types of niches. 

With CJDropshipping, you have no minimum order quantities, so you can feel free to place small orders and bulk ones.

And best of all, they have many warehouses worldwide, allowing you to keep your inventory close to your customers and shorten the delivery time.

2. SupDropshipping


SupDropshipping is a global drop shipping distribution platform that has been in existence since 2010.

In that time, they have supported over 1600 customers. Sellers can source thousands of products from wholesale markets in China.

Getting started is easy. Users can sign up for an account through the SupDropshipping website and begin browsing items using intuitive search features.

Synchronizing SupDropshipping with multiple e-commerce platforms and online marketplaces is also easy.

Alibaba Alternatives: Sites Like Alibaba Conclusion

Alibaba is certainly a great B2B marketplace, and there is no doubt about that. However, in a world full of manufacturers and suppliers, Alibaba is not your only option.

If you are looking for Alibaba alternatives or sites like Alibaba, these options will help you connect with the right supplier, manufacturer, or company.

Yansourcing, as a leading sourcing company in China, our goal is to make the entire sourcing process easy and safe. We help our customers find the best manufacturers, ensure the quality of their products, and arrange to ship to their door. If you want to import from China, please feel free to contact us.

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