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top 100 best china sourcing agent company

Are you a start-up business with limited funds? Hope to start with small quantities? Want to boost online sales? Perhaps, you met a lot of issues such as high prices, big MOQ, defective products, or expensive shipping costs.

Therefore, you want to engage a China sourcing agent to help you make success, or you’ve found advertising on Google but still wondering whether they are trustworthy.

In this article, we compiled a “DIRECTORY” of the top 100 best China sourcing agents and companies that you may inquire from.

What Is a China Sourcing Agent?

A China sourcing agent is a specialist who represents importers buying commodities from China, and is also an agent in China who export.

These agents typically have a deep understanding of Chinese manufacturing and can provide valuable insight and assistance throughout the sourcing process.

They often have relationships with a wide range of suppliers in China, giving buyers access to a wider range of potential partners.

They can help negotiate better prices with suppliers, resulting in cost savings for the buyer. And they can also streamline the sourcing process, saving buyers time and resources.

Overall, China sourcing agents play a crucial role in helping businesses successfully source products from China.

The 3 Versions of China Sourcing Agents

the 3 versions of china sourcing agents

There are 3 versions of China sourcing agents that you can hire to source and import from China:

China Sourcing Agent 1.0

China sourcing agent 1.0 is the initial version of sourcing agent which is an individual or company that provides some simple sourcing services for importers, such as sourcing products and suppliers. But it lacks customized services and more extra services.

The main feature of sourcing agent 1.0, it only helps the customers to source from China but lacks the new technology. That means they play a role close to that of a translator in China.

China Sourcing Agent 2.0

If you are Shopify, eBay, or Amazon FBA Sellers, sourcing agent 1.0 can no longer meet your needs. Thus, a sourcing agent 2.0 arises!

It is the first upgrade version of 1.0 and has more additional services, like ODM & OEM, customization, packaging, dropshipping, etc.

China Sourcing Agent 3.0

In 2023, it’s time for sourcing agent 3.0, a version with the latest technology.

It not only includes all the services of the previous two versions, but also offers import/export consulting, private label solutions, photography and graphic design services, etc.

It is worth noting that, sourcing agent 3.0 is usually a company with a team size of 100 people who will you with clear and transparent information without any hidden, no kickbacks or bribes from suppliers.

Top 100 China Sourcing Agents and Service Companies

Company NameServicesLocation
YansourcingA transparent China sourcing agent/dropshipping sourcing agentGuangzhou, China
RunsourcingHelping buy direct from ChinaDongguan, China
LeelineSourcingChina sourcing agent companyWuhan, China
Tonysourcingwholesale toys ChinaYiwu, China
AmandaYiwu local agent in yiwu ChinaYiwu, China
Sourcing BroThe fastest and easiest sourcing agentShenzhen, China
1688 sourcingPurchasing agent in ChinaShenzhen, China
Dragon Sourcing Global sourcing companyShanghai & Hongkong, China
ShangjinWholesale buying with shippingGuangzhou, China
TCI ChinaThe fastest and easiest sourcing agentShenzhen, China
B2c SourcingB2C China sourcing agentNingbo, China
Iris InternationalChina sourcing agent and supplyHong Kong, China
Global Trade SpecialistsHelping buy direct from ChinaChina & Vienna & Austria & Colorado
Foshan SourcingChina sourcing agent help importFoshan , China
Just China itBring your product to marketChina & UK
NicheSourcesSupply chain managementYiwu, China
JS SourcingTowards safer sourcing in ChinaShanghai, China
Ejet SourcingChina export agentGuangzhou & Hangzhou, China
Qaizen GroupLead in sourcing in AsiaShanghai, China
Imex Sourcing ServicesSourcing for the digital ageGuangzhou &HongKong, China
Golden shinyYiwu sourcing agentYiwu, China
Source in ChinaChina Product sourcing agentDongguan, China
Giolong InternationalChina sourcing-factory auditsChina & Canada & Montrea
FBA China SourcingAmazon sourcing from ChinaHongkong, China & Europe
China Performance GroupSourcing management companyBeijing, China & US
DTL SourcingA leading sourcing companyHongkong, China
MatchSourcingMade fast, simple and safeFuzhou, China
BestfulfillDropshipping agent in ChinaGuangzhou, China
China 2 WestManufacturing in ChinaChina & UK & US
LinkYiwuTowards safer sourcing in YiwuYiwu, China
Nicobar GroupSupply chain supportShanghai, China
China import agentsAgent in Delhi, Mumbai, IndiaIndia
ECI SourcingSourcing and logistics managementChina & US
BizShenzhenTransparent China sourcingShenzhen, China
Uniway SourcingManage production, quality controlHongkong, China
Pinnacle SourcingGlobal sourcing companyShanghai, China & India
JAZ TradeChina product purchasingGuangzhou, China
AsiactionSpecialized in sourcingGuangzhou & Hongkong, China
Baysource GlobalAccelerate your product launchShanghai, China & US
Et2cAsia sourcing solutions for youChina & UK & US
HunterSourcingBuild your own brandHongkong, China
RiwickFurniture sourcing solutionsFoshan, China
Swift Horse SourcingSpecialized in sourcingFoshan, China
Dong SourcingYour sincere agent in ChinaNingbo, China
ANCO ChinaGlobal sourcing solutions for youChina & US
Casino Global SourcingSourcing division of groupHongkong, China
TanndyGuangzhou SourcingGuangzhou, China
Chick SourcingTrusted sourcing agentShenzhen, China
SofeastProduct engineering agencyShenzhen & HongKong, China
CIL Chinasupply chain management companyGuangzhou & HongKong, China
Made In China SourcingMade in China sourcingChina & Australia & UK
China DivisionWorldwide order fulfillmentShenzhen, China
Fami SourcingChina sourcing company for start-upGuangzhou, China
Spectrum SourcingSourcing agency in ChinaShenzhen, China
SourcingArts Sourcing electronic productsShenzhen, China
Peng LightThe best Led sourcing agentShenzhen, China
China Direct SourcingManaged end-to-end importAustralia
E-hengImport and export agencyShanghai, China
TrendimiusYiwu local sourcing agentYiwu, China
SourceOnemanufacturing and sourcing productsDongguan & HongKong, China
80/20 sourcingSourcing products and goodsShanghai, China
Import DojoFamous sourcing agentHongkong, China
China Purchasing AgentPurchasing agent in ChinaShenzhen, China
DocShipperProduct sourcing, shippingHongkong, China
Linc SourcingPaid on performanceChina & Europe
Maple SourcingProduct sourcing, quality inspectionShenzhen, China
GF China SourcingItalian owned company in ChinaShanghai, China
Keen SourcingProduct sourcing, price negotiationShanghai, China
Ec4u LimitedSourcing promotional articlesJiangmen, China & Netherlands
Jing sourcingChina leading sourcing companyYiwu, China
Easy ImexBring your product to marketChina & UK
SupplyiaSourcing agent in ChinaYiwu, China
Guided ImportsSourcing, quality control, shippingChina & Singapore & Thailand
Hope SourcingBuy from China wholesale suppliersGuangzhou, China
Meeno GroupChina product purchasingYiwu, China
SkylarkChina sourcing agentYiwu, China
Skab-beratungGermany sourcing agentShenzhen, China
Quik SourcingProduct sourcing, consultingCanada
ChinaimportalHelping buy direct from ChinaHongkong, China
China SourceLinkSupply chain solution providerShenzhen, China & US
NicheDropshippingChina dropshipping agentHangzhou, China
EDS InternationalProvide supply chain solutionsChina & Vietnam & US
Sourcing AlliesChina manufacturing agentNingbo, China & US & Europe
Sourcing WiseYiwu agent, Amazon sourcingYiwu, China
LazpandaShenzhen sourcing agentShenzhen, China
Bling Sourcing Sourcing agency in ChinaDongguan, China
AvelaOffer OEM and VAR supportShanghai, China & US
Guangzhou SourcingGuangzhou sourcing agentGuangzhou, China
OwlSourcingChina imports, China shippingShanghai, China
FulfillmanDropshipping, China sourcingYiwu, China
Sourcing NovaPrivate Purchasing AgentShenzhen, China
Arcadia SourcingChina Manufacturing ServicesHongkong, China
Altro SourceLead in sourcing in AsiaWuhan, China & Armenia
Sells UnionFactory audit and quality controlYiwu, China
Minden SourcingChina sourcing companyYiwu, China
Morefar GlobalBuilding materials sourcingGuangzhou, China
QTCMetal and plastics sourcingNingbo, China
MySourcifyYiwu local agentYiwu, China
GHLProcurement agent in ChinaXiamen, China & UK
ChinasourcifySourcing & Dropshiping ServicesYiwu, China

*Please contact us if you are a professional China sourcing agent. I will add you to this form list.

Why Should You Hire a China Sourcing Agent 3.0?

china sourcing agent 3.0

Sourcing agent 3.0 is suitable for small and medium eCommerce business owners like eBay, Shopify, Amazon FBA Sellers, and entrepreneurs who have no time to source and organize from China.

Most people would choose to source from Alibaba, 1688, made-in-china, and other China wholesale websites, however this is quite a challenging task as there are thousands of suppliers out there.

Using Sourcing Agent 3.0 will meet your requirements and help you find high-quality products and reliable Chinese suppliers quickly and efficiently.

They act as your eyes, ears, and nose in China, will visit factories, run background checks and make sure you receive what you expect.

Overall, sourcing Agent 3.0 is truly transparent that should be your right-hand and your incorruptible ally on the front line in China.

When Do You Need a China Sourcing Agent?

when do you need a china sourcing agent

There are several situations in which a business may need to work with a sourcing agent in China:

Situation 1: Sourcing Products from China for the First Time

If a business has never sourced products from China before, working with Chinese sourcing agents can be helpful in navigating the complex world of Chinese manufacturing.

These agents have a deep understanding of the Chinese manufacturing industry and can provide valuable insights and assistance throughout the sourcing process.

Situation 2: Source a Large Volume of Products

Sourcing a large volume of products can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. Working with a China sourcing agency can help streamline the process and save time and resources.

Situation 3: Source Products from a Specific Region in China

Most sourcing agents often have relationships with suppliers in specific regions in China, giving buyers access to a wider range of potential partners.

Situation 4: Source a Specific Type of Production Process

China sourcing company often has expertise in specific industries or product categories, making them a valuable resource for businesses looking to source these types of products.

Situation 5: Want to Improve Quality Control

China sourcing agents can help ensure that products are manufactured to the desired specifications and meet necessary quality standards.

What Does a China Sourcing Agent Do?

A China sourcing agent is a professional who helps businesses find and purchase products from China.

They typically handle the entire sourcing process, from identifying potential suppliers and negotiating prices to coordinating logistics and ensuring that the products meet quality standards.

what does a china sourcing agent do

Here’s what, the best sourcing agent in China can do for your business:

  • Finding new products and reliable suppliers
  • Existing supplier verification
  • Negotiate and draft contracts with the reliable suppliers
  • Follow-up production and the on-time quality inspection services
  • Manage shipments with complete logistics
  • Reduce the risk of product sourcing in China
  • Extra customization services
  • Offering private-label solutions

How Much Does a China Sourcing Agent Cost?

It is hard to define the exact standard for China sourcing agent fees. Usually, the sourcing agent’s commission rate is between 3%-10% of the order value, and the percentage will depend on the amount of the order and the type of product.

china sourcing agent fee

For example, here are the fees for Yansourcing which is a sourcing agent 3.0 in China.

Product ValueService Fee
Less than $1,000$100
$1,000 - $2,00010%
$2,000 - $3,0009%
$3,000 - $5,0008.5%
$5,000 - $7,0008%
$7,000 - $10,0007.5%
$10,000 - $15,0007%
$15,000 - $20,0006.5%
$20,000 - $25,0006%
$25,000 - $30,0005.5%
Over $30,0005%

Please take note, do not try to increase your profit by reducing the cost of sourcing agents, which will result in poor quality products, as there would be some bad China sourcing agents who make their profits in other ways.

A good sourcing agency has its own pricing, you can negotiate a discount with them if your order is large.

Pros and Cons of Using a China Sourcing Agent

Using a China sourcing agent can have both pros and cons, and whether or not it is a good decision for your business will depend on your specific needs and circumstances.

pros and cons of using a china sourcing agent

Here are some main pros and cons of using a China sourcing agent:

China Sourcing Agent Pros

1. Local Knowledge and Connections

A China sourcing agent has local knowledge and connections in the Chinese market, which can be especially useful if you are unfamiliar with the local business culture, and customs, or experience language barriers.

2. Save Your Time on Selecting Good Suppliers

Finding and auditing a supplier can be time- and effort-intensive. A good sourcing agent in China can help you find better Chinese manufacturers through a more scientific approval process.

He/she can save your time on comprising supplier pre-qualification, background checks, and factory audits.

3. Verify Manufacturer Credentials Quickly

An experienced China sourcing company has a good understanding of the requirements that a Chinese manufacturer must meet before they can legally export goods.

4. Quality Assurance and Quality Control

A good sourcing company is not just about keeping prices low but also paying attention to quality details. The products manufactured at the Chinese factory must meet the quality standards demanded by your market.

They know better how to check the quality and communicate with the factory when the goods have quality problems, this will save you a lot of time.

quality assurance and quality control

5. Reducing Payment Risks

A good sourcing company in China always pays attention to its reputation they want to be your long-term business partner so you can get better protection when dealing with them.

6. Get Favorable Shipping Terms

A good Chinese sourcing agent always has many cooperative logistics that can choose the most competitive one for you and keep a check on deliveries, taking this burden off your shoulders as you expand and grow your business.

China Sourcing Agent Cons

1. Additional Costs

Hiring a sourcing agent in China can be expensive, especially if you are working with a reputable and experienced sourcing agent.

2. Dependence on Agents

Working with sourcing agents can create a degree of dependence on the agent, as they will be handling various tasks related to the sourcing process.

3. Variable Quality of Service

The quality of service provided by China sourcing agents can vary widely, and it is important to choose a reputable and experienced sourcing agent to ensure that you receive high-quality service.

How to Find a Good China Sourcing Agent?

A good sourcing agent will cover all your needs on the supply side, so how to find reliable sourcing agents in China is the key to your business, only then you can focus on your customers.

Do you agree the “best sourcing agent” is a very vague name for the profession?

how to find good sourcing agent in china

Everyone can present themselves as the best when you are choosing a good sourcing agent in China, there are some things that you need to know before making the decision.

Here are 7 Points that should bear in mind when selecting a good China sourcing agent:

1. Location and Flexibility

Professional sourcing agents/companies in China are on the ground, working not far from industrial sites, factories, and warehouses.

So, working with a sourcing agent close to the industrial cluster for the exact product you are sourcing has many advantages.

  • Travel easily for factory audits
  • Save on freight fee
  • Good supplier networks can result in a price advantage

As the industrial clusters are isolated in different cities within the province, it is a strategic advantage to choose a sourcing agent in China who is based out of a city closest to a particular cluster.

2. Sourcing Experience & Professional Product Knowledge

Please avoid young sourcing agents, if a sourcing agent just started doing this work, it is different from a sourcing agent who has been in the sourcing business for many years and has gained experience.

For experienced sourcing agents, they can more easily identify the suppliers who are good and who are bad, this is good for your business.

As the best Chinese sourcing agent, his/her professional product knowledge plays an important role. You should be conscious that the process of importing from China can be different if the products are different.

For example, if you want to import machinery or consumer electronics, then it is not suitable to find a sourcing agent who deals more with suppliers in the garment industry.

3. Position of the Sourcing Agent: Individual or Company

There are a lot of sourcing agents in China that work for themselves (we called SOHO), which means individuals.

It is not to say you can’t work with SOHO because they did have advantages like they are very enthused and could help you with many other things.

soho agent in china

However, they also have a lot of potential risks you have to be aware of:


If there is an accident, such as product quality problems, etc. SOHO is not qualified or does not have enough funds to handle it.


SOHO may disappear if they suddenly change jobs. We have some customers who ask for help and work with us because their previous agents can’t be reached anymore.


If you make the payment to SOHO, you will not be sure of the safety of your funds.

The China sourcing company in this regard has highlighted the advantage because most of the sourcing companies have a real office, and have a qualification, which is a legit registered company.

Even if the sourcing agent leaves, there will be other sourcing agents of the company to serve you.

4. Good Communication Skills

The role of the sourcing agents is mainly in communication, such as with suppliers and customers. Therefore, the best sourcing agent in China should have strong verbal skills and good writing in English.

Also, they should be able to communicate with you easily by phone, skype, email, etc. For example, He/she should respond to your emails quickly, even if there are time differences between China and other countries.

5. Professional Import & Export Knowledge

The best sourcing agent in China should have good knowledge and paperwork related to import and export. It includes the import/export process, licensing, and certification requirements for customs and products in your country/region.

professional import & export knowledge

For example, a China sourcing agent who has experience in exporting to your country can give you some advice, he/she will tell you how to avoid those unnecessary problems.

If you aren’t sure whether they have the experience, you can check their previous export bills of lading and proof of origin documents.

6. Transparent Supply Chain and Legitimate Process

There are many sourcing agents in China, and it is easy to find them, but to find a qualified sourcing agent, you may need an implementable and effective strategy.

A transparent supply chain is important for the customer and sourcing agents. It determines whether you will know about the manufacturers and visit them.

Some sourcing agents deliberately hide the supplier contacts, and then privately build relationships with them to get kickbacks. Instead, a good sourcing agent always puts your requirements for the product first, this is also the biggest difference from a trading company.

7. After-sales Policy

The best China sourcing agent is not only your representative in the country where the goods are produced but also your partner in China. They can help you deal with and solve any problems that arise.

Here are some questions you can ask them before working together:

  • If I receive the goods and find a quality problem, what will you do?
  • If I receive the goods and they were damaged in transit, what will you do?
  • If I receive the goods and find the quantity is lacking or the specification is incorrect, what will you do?

Why Should Avoid China Sourcing Agent Scam?

A bad China sourcing agent plays a negative role in your supply chain management and may cause big losses to your business.

What Is a Kickback or Bribe?

This is a topic of much concern to importers, and it is the dark side of some bad China sourcing agents/companies.

Kickback means a sourcing agent asks the supplier to give him/her a rebate of the order amount at a certain percentage after the goods are shipped.

Bribe means the supplier offers benefits to a sourcing agent to facilitate getting orders, such as sending money or gifts.

Please take note that, both kickback and bribe come from the funds of the buyer’s order.

ask for a kickback from suppliers

Generally, if the order is bigger, the chance of a kickback or bribe occurring is higher.

For example, tens of thousands of dollars and thousands of dollars, a bad China sourcing agent will get involved in a kickback or bribe on the order of tens of thousands of dollars.

And once your sourcing agent accepts or requests a kickback, he/she will likely stand with the supplier when a product quality dispute arises and try to excuse the supplier for various reasons instead of fighting for your benefits. Inevitably you will end up bearing all the losses.

It is unethical for the sourcing agent to ask for a kickback from suppliers. Of course, you may have heard that some sourcing agents in China often get kickbacks from suppliers, but now is much less than 7~8 years ago.

Because buyers can find factory directly through the E-commerce platform, such as Alibaba, 1688, made-in-china, and other Chinese wholesale websites, they will compare if the price offered by the sourcing agent is reasonable.

How to Avoid China Sourcing Agent Scam?

avoid china sourcing agent scams

Here are some tips you can take to avoid being scammed by a China sourcing agent:

Tip 1: Low Service Fee

If the China sourcing agent is offering you a very low service fee, you should keep an eye on the product price they gave after sourcing.

Tip 2: High Product Price

If the China sourcing agent offers you a price that is obviously higher than the market price, raise your voice immediately, as it is likely that the price includes the sourcing agent’s profit.

Tip 3: Poor Quality Control

If the China sourcing agent offers a product price that is acceptable for you, but the final product quality is lower and different from the sample, it is most likely that the sourcing agent has taken a kickback which increased the cost of the product resulting in a quality problem.

Please get this point, the kickback or bribe offered by the supplier is achieved by increasing the cost of goods paid by the buyer.

For example, if you have suppliers A, B, and C, but A offers the most rebate, then the bad China sourcing agent may choose supplier A instead of B or C who are more in line with your requirements.

Many customers struggle with the sourcing agents charge, they feel 5~10% is too high, and prefer to choose a sourcing agent in China who charges 3% or less. But finally, they find that the sourcing agent has raised the product price to make more profit.

China Sourcing Agent FAQ

1. What Does a Sourcing Agent Do?

A sourcing agent is a person or small business that helps the importer source products and suppliers at low prices to save money on production.

Sourcing agents may represent you to follow up on production, do the inspection, and ship the goods to your country.

2. What Does a Sourcing Agent in China Do?

A China sourcing agent is a person or company who represents you to control and follow up the whole sourcing process in China.

Their role is to help you find the right products and sign contracts with the right suppliers, follow up on production, and help you import from China. It is meaning a China sourcing agent helps you build your supply chain in China.

3. What Is the Sourcing Process in China?

The China sourcing process includes every activity identifying, such as information gathering and assessing potential suppliers, sample requests, coordination and communication, delivery, inspection, and shipment.

The most important process is selecting and dealing with qualified suppliers who offer the best value for you.

4. How to Get the Best Sourcing Agent in China?

It is easy to search for a China sourcing agent on Google, but getting a reliable sourcing agent is hard.

First, you need to search on the internet by Google or other platforms like Reddit and Fiverr, collect several agents, check their reviews, and send inquiries to them, then check and test all service quality by small orders.

Second, screen out 2 to 3 sourcing agents, give them a bigger order, then compare again.

In a word, how your sourcing agent cares about you and your business is the key to determining if they are the best one.

5. Should I Find Sourcing Agents Specializing in a Certain Item?

If you specialize in importing certain products, we suggest you find a sourcing agent specialized in this industry.

Because these sourcing agents have accumulated a lot of good suppliers in this industry and can give you active sourcing and production advice, that will help you save more time and cost.

6. Should I Choose the Sourcing Agent Near the Industry Cluster?

The pros of being near the industry cluster are many, it can be convenient to contact factories and reduce intermediate costs like freight costs, quality supervision fees, etc.

So, choosing the right sourcing agent based on your industry is an important thing to do.

China Sourcing Agent Conclusion

By choosing a reliable China sourcing agent from this “Top 100” list, you can be confident that you are working with a company that has a proven track record of success and can help you navigate the complex landscape of Chinese manufacturing.

We are Yansourcing, a leading China sourcing company, dedicated to helping our clients source products from China at the most competitive prices. If you are interested in importing from China, please feel free to contact us.

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