Alibaba Custom Packaging: The Only Guide You Need in 2022

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alibaba custom packaging

Good packaging is critical to your brand image when importing from China because it shows a lot of quality and attention to detail.

You can think about how big companies package their products. Now at Alibaba, getting custom packaging is no longer a problem.

In this article, we will discuss Alibaba custom packaging in detail. What is custom packaging, and what are the benefits of custom packaging?

What is Custom Packaging?

Custom packaging is a specifically tailored product box for your brand requirements and the product you are running.

As the name implies, custom packaging is essentially designing the packaging around your product from scratch, rather than simply choosing an off-the-shelf box that the product might fit into.

Generally speaking, using custom packaging takes much more time, effort, and money than existing packaging because custom packaging goes through an intensive process.

It includes modifying the shape, size, style, color, material, and varnish, which must be designed to perfection. You can personalize it with a logo, shape, image, or something that represents your brand.

In short, custom packaging is more than just printing cardboard or other materials for your product. It is also a statement of your brand and an opportunity to make a real connection with your customers.

Why is Custom Packaging So Important?

Every people knows a good product can be sold anyway. However, even the best products need some excellent marketing strategies to make an impact with the entry of that product.

For example, custom packaging can make a good first impression by using boxes that show who you are.

Custom packaging can add value to a product and make customers feel like they are getting more than what they paid, which is what a well-designed box does.

From the customer’s perspective, if your product uses the same type of packaging as your competitors’ products, there is no difference between them.

Your packaging is not only the face of your product but also the face of your brand. Custom packaging is the key to building a strong brand narrative, identity, and credibility.

In short, custom packaging will help improve sales, increase brand awareness, and set your product apart from the competition.

Questions to Ask Before Using Alibaba Custom Packaging

If the packaging is an important part of your customer experience, you must choose the right custom packaging.

But how can you know what you want or need from Alibaba custom packaging?

Here are six questions to ask yourself to get the most out of your product packaging:

1. What is the cost of your product?

You never want to spend more on packaging than the product is worth. While the packaging is essential, it should not cost more than what it holds.

2. What makes your product different from your competitors?

In other words, why should customers choose your product over other similar products?

It may be important to play up these characteristics with your packaging so that your advantage is obvious from the start.

3. Who is your target audience?

Knowing who your product is intended for is an important part of custom packaging.

Why? It gives you more options.

For example, should the package be easy to open, how should the product be displayed, what font type and size, what colors are appropriate, etc.

4. What kind of protection do you need?

If you’re shipping sensitive or delicate materials across the country, don’t forget to consider protective insulation in custom packaging. It may occur in the form of filling, peanuts, or bubble wrap.

5. should you go the green route?

Of course. Being environmentally friendly is the obvious choice for custom packaging, so make the right decision.

6. What is the expected launch date of the product?

Knowing the launch date, you can estimate your actual timeline because an amazing idea that requires a lot of customization will usually take more time than a straightforward custom packaging.

If you’re considering a new custom packaging provider, there are five key questions you need to ask the supplier:

1. What are your previous successful projects?

You can learn a lot about a packaging solutions provider by determining their standing in their industry.

Asking them about their industry leader status will allow you to see if they have won distinguished awards, testimonials, and other recognition.

2. What quality packaging products do you use?

The quality of the packaging is as important as the product itself. If the packaging is made of lower-quality materials, your product will likely be damaged during shipping.

It is necessary to make an informed choice when selecting packaging materials. It is also vital to ensure that the material is safe enough and that the unpacking process is effortless with minimal waste.

3. Do you have any environmental compliance standards?

Consumers are more environmentally conscious than ever, and companies must align themselves with an increasingly environmentally friendly customer base.

The trend toward sustainable goods and eco-friendly products also includes packaging. Many brands are turning to sustainable and biodegradable materials, such as paper and hemp, instead of plastic.

4. What is your minimum order?

If you order thousands of boxes per month, this is probably not a problem you should worry about. However, if you are like most e-commerce companies, the number of orders will fluctuate from month to month.

You should know how low the supplier can go in your best interest. (And how high? Can they accommodate potential growth?)

5. How will you ensure on-time delivery?

You know when you need it and want your packaging delivered on time.

You can’t just sit back and wait for your suppliers to keep up with your needs, which will leave important goods stranded in your warehouse, disrupting your supply chain and bottom line.

Also, you should ask Alibaba suppliers about the following things before ordering custom packaging:

  • Design
  • Material
  • Style
  • Size
  • Shape
  • Delivery time
  • Shipping cost
  • Hidden charges
  • Coating
  • Printing Fee

How to Do Alibaba Custom Packaging?


The process of Alibaba custom packaging is relatively smooth and only requires contact with your supplier or manufacturer. The ease will depend entirely on how you want to customize your packaging boxes.

Search for related products on Alibaba and look for different packaging offered by similar products, which will help you get some inspiration and ideas about custom packaging.

Here are the steps to do Alibaba custom packaging:

Step 1. Select your product

Visit and select the product you need to buy. Meanwhile, you can first choose the type of packaging you want because knowing which type of custom packaging suits your product is very important.

Step 2, choose your size

Once you have chosen your product, the next step is to choose the size and dimensions of your packaging.

Alibaba suppliers offer a variety of sizes and designs for their customers. Click on the button of your preference or ask them to provide custom sizes.

Step 3. Choose your material

For custom boxes, you can choose whether you want to use white material or kraft paper material. If your design does not include any white color, you can choose kraft paper material to make it look more natural.

Step 4: Design your artwork

If you don’t have a designer to design your packaging, you can find an experienced designer on Upwork or Fiverr to help you design your product packaging.

All you need to do is give them an image of the type of packaging you want and an idea of the design.

Step 5. Get advice from the supplier

Have you completed your packaging design?

If so, you need to discuss with the supplier to enhance the printing. Negotiate colors, patterns, and sizes to avoid confusion in printing.

Step 6. Accept test orders

Even if you have taken great care to ensure that your supplier understands your ideas, it is highly recommended that you accept a test order, or more than one, to check if they are making modifications in your favor.

When you receive a test order, check the logo design, package color, size, and all factors to ensure it is what you and your designer want.

What are the Benefits of Alibaba Custom packaging?

alibaba custom packaging benefits

If you want to catch the customers’ attention, the product’s packaging must be done well.

Alibaba custom packaging is one of the smartest business decisions you’ll ever make because custom packaging gives you a competitive advantage, and it helps you stand out from your competitors.

Custom packaging is now more affordable than before, and businesses of any size can enjoy the practical, aesthetic, and financial benefits of branded packaging on Alibaba.

Here are five of the best benefits of Alibaba custom packaging:

1. Protect your product

Its protection is a prime example of how Alibaba custom packaging can benefit your product.

The primary function of packaging is to contain and protect the product inside, ensuring that it remains intact from the logistics chain to the manufacturer and before finally reaching the customer.

While there are countless pre-made packaging options on Alibaba, they rarely will fit your product perfectly.

Custom packaging is a major benefit, which is designed and specifically made to fit your product perfectly.

2. Increase brand value

Packaging for your product can increase brand awareness and value and make the customer experience better than standard packaging.

Alibaba custom packaging also plays an important role when people look for unique and customizable products.

Because bland and generic packaging can’t make customers feel special and interesting, which is likely to be a big disappointment and leave a lot of regrets.

3. Enhanced customer experience

A unique package creates a unique experience for the consumer. A smart, well-designed product package has a place in the marketplace and makes the buyer feel special.

A key technique for improving customer retention is not to bore your consumers.

4. Reduce shipping costs

It is often less expensive to ship custom packaging than standard packaging. The savings may not be immediate, but they add up over time.

Alibaba custom packaging has lower postage costs and less material to protect the product from damage. Overall, these factors reduce shipping costs.

5. Encourage repeat business

Finally, custom packaging is a great way for small businesses to keep customers coming back, which is much easier to sell to existing customers than acquire new ones.

However, many companies still spend all their marketing dollars on attracting new customers because they don’t think about how to retain the ones they already have.

Alibaba custom packaging can help your company build loyalty over time and earn repeat business by making a solid first impression and giving returning customers something to look forward to.

The Main types of Alibaba Custom Packaging

alibaba custom packaging types

Alibaba custom packaging service is worth a look. If you are looking for custom packaging at Alibaba, Alibaba suppliers will offer customization options for their customers.

Here are the two main types of Alibaba custom packaging:

1. Simple Alibaba custom packaging

If you want to put your company name or logo on the box, any competent company selling on Alibaba should be able to do this for you.

The factory will provide you with a carton template, and you ask a designer to design and put the information where you want it, then send them a digital file that they can give to the carton manufacturer they use.

Simple Alibaba custom packaging includes a custom company logo and details like the company name.

You must have the design or anything else you want to print to do this, and the factory will provide carton templates to ensure the design appears virtually.

2. New Alibaba Custom Packaging

Again, if you want to package your product in a full-color retail display carton, use the carton template that the factory provides.

If you’re going to use a larger or smaller carton for marketing, use your product samples to develop a more detailed retail box.

Use your own designer to ensure that the image quality is good enough and that the wording and specifications are correct.

There is nothing special about the new Alibaba custom packaging. Instead, it is a newer version that can print in color for retail or any other information you wish to print.

The process is as above – the factory will provide a carton sample, and you need to develop a design to get the custom packaging.

Alibaba Custom Packaging FAQ

1. What is custom packaging?

It is the packaging printed with your brand. Custom packaging involves printing on a base material (paper, plastic, fabric, cardboard, etc.) and then transforming the material into a final packaging, such as a bag or box.

2. What custom packaging should I use?

It depends entirely on your business, the product you’re shipping, and your end goal. If you are concerned about your packaging budget, start with one piece of custom packaging. As your confidence or budget grows, you can add more.

3. How much does custom packaging print cost?

The print cost of custom packaging depends on the quantity you need, the artwork, the materials, the style of the product, and the printing method. Because each project is unique, quotes are given individually based on these factors.

4. What is the minimum quantity of custom packaging?

The minimum quantity of custom packaging depends on the product type, printing technique, deadline, and other factors.

5. Will the material affect the outcome of my packaging design?

Of course, the texture of the material and the printing process will always affect the final packaging.

6. What is the lead time for custom packaging?

The time from ordering your custom packaging to delivery varies depending on the type of printing and customization.

Alibaba Custom Packaging Conclusion

Custom packaging is more than simply deciding what goes on the package. You are telling a story with your brand message and communicating it on a physical product.

The materials, shapes, and finishes all add an extra layer of appeal to your final product. If you have any additional questions about Alibaba custom packaging and products, please feel free to comment below.

I am Yan, the founder of Yansourcing, the best sourcing agent in China, who can quickly and safely help you buy and import from China. If you need help sourcing from China, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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