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top 60 china inspection company

Many importers have had the experience of receiving a shipment only to find that it is full of defective products.

As a result, they know something needs to change, and one obvious way to control the problem is to find a third-party inspection company in China to check the quality before shipping.

That is why you should use a China inspection service when importing from China. This article will reveal the benefits of using a China inspection service and explain how it works.

In addition, to help you find reliable third-party inspection companies in China, we compiled a “DIRECTORY” of the Top 60 Inspection Companies in China that you may inquire from.

What Is China Inspection Service?

China Inspection Service is dedicated to meeting the needs of small and medium-sized importers, and these services are mainly for people who buy items from China.

We all know that China is the largest manufacturer of goods and the cheapest. If you plan to import from China, you should choose China Inspection Service to know precisely if your products are manufactured the way you want them to be.

How Does China Inspection Service Work?

Some companies have a habit of giving orders for their products to unknown manufacturers, which can cause serious losses to the company if not stopped in time.

Therefore, the China inspection service is crucial for those customers who give their suppliers to China.

China inspection service will ensure that the products and packaging meet the buyer’s standards. This way, you will not be surprised by defective or damaged goods.

After hiring a third-party inspection company to inspect in China, a quality inspector will visit your supplier’s factory.

The inspection usually takes less than a day, and you may receive a thorough inspection report soon.

A good China inspection service usually includes these items:

  • Production stage inspection
  • Pre-shipment inspection checks
  • Supervision of container loading
  • Supervision of production
  • Laboratory testing services
  • Evaluation of suppliers

Specifically, you can consult your China inspection service provider to get their thoughts on your inspection list.

However, you should also use your expertise and knowledge of the product to develop a checklist that will enable you and your inspection team to succeed.

Why Should I Use China Inspection Service?

Usually, an importer cannot risk waiting weeks to receive a shipment, only to find it full of faulty products with little or no recourse.

However, with China Inspection Services, any products that do not meet specifications will be the factory’s responsibility. Thus, the China Inspection Service truly offers a range of benefits.

1. Problems can be identified early, reducing the associated cost of rework later.

Early detection of problems also helps avoid potential shipping delays and ensures that the quality of the final product meets your customer’s expectations.

2. Keeps your suppliers honest and focused. Many companies don’t bother to inspect, so your suppliers will pay more attention if you do.

3. Increases the likelihood of accurate and high-quality products in the future.

Suppliers who see you hire a third-party inspection company will know to take your company seriously, take extra care with your products, and double-check to ensure everything is correct and in order.

4. Working with a third-party inspection company can reduce travel costs, reduce internal resource allocation, and provide an unbiased assessment.

What Is the Cost of a China Inspection Service?

If you want to import products from China, it is critical to understand how the China inspection service works.

Understandably, quality inspection is not a free service, as it takes time, money, and effort to conduct a proper inspection.

The cost of a China inspection service can range from $180 to $320 per person per day, which usually includes travel expenses for the inspector.

Please note that inspectors are charged per person per day, depending on how long it takes to inspect the quantity you request.

In addition, product inspection costs about $0.20 per piece. For example, if you order a minimum of 10,000 products, the entire lot will cost you $2,000.

All in all, except for the product inspection fee, you must also pay the inspector’s fee. So, if you want to save money, you can let a certain number of products be inspected.

Top 60 China Inspection Service Companies

Company NameServiceLocation
YansourcingTailor-made inspection service in ChinaGuangzhou, China
ViccInspection company in ChinaBeijing, China
GoodadaChina inspection service providerEuropean
InspectamanInspection company in ChinaGuangdong, China
KRT auditInspection company in ChinaUS
JonbleThird party product inspection agency in ChinaHangzhou, China
HqtsInspection company in ChinaFuzhou, China
TÜVChina inspection service providerGermany
QC PartnerQuality control in ChinaShenzhen, China
AQIChina Inspection agentDongguan, China
VeritellChina inspection service providerBeijing, China
CCICChina Inspection companyBeijing, China
V-TrustInspection company in ChinaGuangzhou, China
CotecnaInspection company in ChinaSwitzerland
Pro QCInspection company in ChinaTaiwan, China
SGSInspection Agent in ChinaShanghai, China
QimaInspection company in ChinaHongkong, China
cis-inspectionsInspections and AnalysisNetherlands
PSLInspection company in ChinaHongkong, China
AQFQuality Control service providerBangladesh
Bureau VeritasTesting, Inspection, and Certification (TIC)Paris
Sinovoltaics GroupTechnical compliance consultingGermany
KRTChina and Asia quality inspectionsUS
ProqcInspection company in ChinaUS
Sunchine InspectionInspection company in ChinaHongkong, China
Amazing Quality ControlQuality Inspection &​ ​​Factory Audit Service in ChinaGuangzhou, China
Leap China SolutionsInspection company in ChinaShenzhen, China
ChinawhySupply chain managementHarbin, China
CISInspection company in ChinaGongguan, China
PTCQuality Laboratory Test in ChinaNingbo, China
Quality Control PartnersInspection company in ChinaHongkong, China
Trustvoengineering service companySuzhou, China
Eagle EyesInspection company in ChinaFujian, China
AQMAnalytical quality & monitoring Services, IncNew York
HKQCCInspection company in ChinaHongkong, China
TetraQuality Control in ChinaUS
QtechUK inspection companyUK
IntertekInspection company in ChinaMauritius
Top InspectionInspection company in ChinaShenzhen, China
Glorythird-party inspection company in ChinaGuangzhou, China
TCOSustainability certification for IT productsStockholm
AMREPInspection company in ChinaDalian, China
VeriqualityInspection company in ChinaFuzhou, China
RichForthInspection company in ChinaFujian, China
Inspection for IndustryInspection company in ChinaUS
JSDInspection company in ChinaDongguan, China
InTouch Manufacturingproviding quality control solutionsIndia
YEOA HKInspection company in ChinaHongkong, China
OCQInspection company in ChinaUS
Inspection BirdInspection company in ChinaUK
OQCSInspection company in ChinaHongkong, China
TiptopInspection company in ChinaGuangdong, China
QCADVISORInspection company in ChinaHongkong, China
QGSthird-party inspection company in ChinaGuangzhou, China
GISengineering and management consulting companyFuzhou, China
EffitionInspection company in ChinaGuangdong, China
Insight QualityInspection company in ChinaUS
Guangdong inspectionInspection company in ChinaGuangdong, China
The Inspection CompanyInspection company in ChinaHongkong, China
As InternationalInspection company in ChinaFrance

How Dose Yansourcing Perform China Inspection Service for You?

At Yansourcing, there is expertise and technical competence. The team comprises certified quality assurance inspectors with years of experience in inspection services in China.

A competitive inspection service is the reason why we are chosen by many of our clients. We provide real-time assessments based on customer requirements, making it easier for customers to obtain products and suppliers that meet their needs.

china inspection service

Yansourcing can provide you with the following high-quality China inspection services:

  1. Factory capability audits.
  2. Carry out pre-shipment inspections.
  3. Pre-production and final random sampling inspections.
  4. Support with container loading.
  5. Offer supplier inspection and laboratory testing services.

In addition, we do not charge any hidden fees and offer upfront inspection pricing. You won’t find a better China inspection service than ours.

Contact Yansourcing for a quote today!

China Inspection Service FAQ

1. What is the process of a China inspection service?

China inspection service is a detailed process. It is not like evaluating a product only by its physical form.

The inspection service starts when the client shares the requirements. Different third-party inspection companies may have other processes to verify the results.

A typical inspection service will do a checklist of the quality of the product. It may check the grades that meet the requirements and submit the report to the customer. It will also inspect each product in detail to see if all are intact.

2. What inspection services do you need when importing from China?

In fact, all inspection services are complementary to each other. You may not get a quality product if the supplier does not meet the minimum threshold of China inspection service.

So, you should conduct the following:

  • Factory audits in China
  • Factory inspection in China
  • Product quality inspection in China

3. What is the cost of the quality inspection in China?

Most quality inspection companies charge anywhere from $180 to $300 per quality inspection. This also includes the cost of shipping and creating the inspection form.

Some quality inspection companies also offer discounts if you book the inspection a few days in advance.

4. How can I find the best China inspection company?

Today, quality inspection is a commodity service. Most established quality inspection companies have the same qualifications, service areas, and product expertise, making them more or less equal.

Prices are also standardized, so don’t expect much variation among China inspection companies.

5. What should I do when a product inspection reveals a problem?

It will depend entirely on the extent of the problem. You can accept the product or reject it if it is minor. If it is significant, you may need to have the supplier fix or replace the faulty product.

China Inspection Service Conclusion

A complete understanding of how China Inspection Service works can help you choose the best third-party inspection company, and also help you get good quality from your factories.

Working with a China inspection company to develop an essential quality control program for each new supplier will eliminate many headaches and save your time and money.

Did you use China Inspection Service for your products or suppliers before? Please tell us about your experience using this service in the comments below.

I am Yan, the founder of Yansourcing, the best sourcing agent in China, who can quickly and safely help you buy and import from China. If you have any questions about importing from China, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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