Is It Safe to Travel to China Right Now? | China Travel Restrictions 2022

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If you’re planning a trip to China, here are some facts and information about visiting during the global coronavirus pandemic.

How to get a Chinese visa?

All foreigners who want to come to China must have a visa, and you must have an official invitation letter from the Chinese Department of Commerce to apply for a visa at the local Chinese Embassy.

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This is only the first step to being eligible to apply for a visa.

The Chinese government started to restrict the entry of foreigners from March 28th, 2020 and has not relaxed the policy until now, because there are cases in China and abroad during the epidemic.

Who can get a Chinese visa application?

1. Foreign nationals with diplomatic, official, courtesy, or C-visa are allowed to enter the country.

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2. Foreigners with visas issued after March 28, 2020, are allowed to enter the country.

3. Foreigners with valid Chinese work, private affairs, and reunion residence permits are allowed to enter the country.

4. Foreign nationals with expired Chinese work category, private affairs category, and reunion category residence permits issued after March 28, 2020, may re-apply for a visa to enter the country.

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5. Foreign nationals with permanent residence permits.

Any of these 5 types are very difficult to get. Not to mention that it is ordinary businessmen who want to come to China is even more difficult.

How do ordinary foreigners get a visa to China?

Ordinary foreigners can (and may) get an invitation letter, one of which is if they have a company in China or have a work visa in China.

It means that if you register a company in China, you can apply for an official invitation letter, and then apply for a work visa.

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The invitation letter is ok, but the visa depends on the approval of the local Chinese embassy.

I would like to remind you that many foreigners have been cheated by agents recently, who said they could apply for special visas to China, please don’t trust them.

I have several consulting customers who have been cheated experience, the most that cheated more than 200,000rmb.

The invitation sample is shown below.

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In addition, after foreigners enter China, the segregation policy is very strict. It is usually 14+7days.

What is the notice for foreigners entering China in 2022?

Upon arrival at the first point of entry into China, foreign nationals will be tested for nucleic acid at the airport.

And then quarantined for 14-28 days (14 days intensive medical observation + 7 to 14 days home medical observation) at the designated location.

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During and at the end of the quarantine period, the foreign national will also be required to undergo several nucleic acid tests as required by the local epidemic prevention and control center.

If all tests are negative, the expatriate will be released from quarantine.

What differences between Chinese visa and long-term residence permit?

1. Issued by a different agency. The visa is issued by the embassy outside of China, while the residence permit is issued by the government in China.

2. Visas can only stay in China for a maximum of 180 days and need to be extended when the visa expires. If there is no special reason to extend the visa, you need to leave the country.

While residence permits can stay in China for a long time and do not need to leave the country every once in a while.

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3. There is no way to apply for a green card in China after holding a visa.

While a residence permit can be submitted for permanent residence in China after meeting a certain period of time and meeting the application requirements.

4. Kids with a visa can’t study in China, but with a residence permit, they can attend school, and some schools in the region also support public schools in China with a residence permit.

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5. You can’t buy domestic insurance and social security, open a bank card or Alipay with a visa, but you can with a residence permit, which is a great convenience for foreigners.

What 5 tips before entering China?

During the epidemic, China has gradually increased the requirements for pre-entry epidemic prevention for people from abroad.

According to the latest requirements of Chinese embassies and consulates in various countries, incoming persons usually need to be prepared for the following.

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1. Once the exact departure time of your flight is confirmed, you should contact your local airline, and visit the official website of the Chinese Embassy in your country to find out the requirements for inbound Chinese testing.

2. Make an appointment with a designated testing facility announced by the Chinese embassy or consulate in your area to collect and test samples.

If you plan to complete the test at the airport, you must confirm in advance whether the airport has testing conditions.

3. Wait for test results before flying. A double negative/quadruple negative test for Nucleic Acid and serum antibody must be obtained 48 hours prior to boarding.

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4. Upload the test report, passport, visa, and personal itinerary to the Chinese embassy or consulate in your region of departure to apply for a health code/health declaration with the “HDC” (Health Declaration Certificate) logo.

Learn more…

5. Once approved by the Chinese Embassy or Consulate, the applicant will receive a Health Code/Health Status Declaration with the “HDC” logo.

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And is advised to print out the QR code for boarding and comply with the relevant airline’s inspection procedures when boarding.

What 3 types of residence permits are allowed in China?

1. Work permit, issued to persons working in China.

2. The residence permit for private affairs, issued to the spouse, parents, kids under the age of 18, parents of the spouse, and persons who need to stay in China for other private affairs.

Such as work or study, who enter China for a long-term visit.

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3. Reunion-type residence permits, issued to family members of Chinese citizens and family members of foreigners with permanent residence status in China.

Who needs to stay in China for family reunification, as well as those who need to stay in China for reasons such as foster care.

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