Complete List 2022: Top 15 Best Dropshipping Websites

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top 15 best dropshipping websites

Are you interested in dropshipping but don’t know where to start? Many beginners struggle to determine the best dropshipping website because many different options exist.

Which is the cheapest dropshipping website? Which should you visit to find dropshipping suppliers?

Today, to help you find reliable dropshipping suppliers, we compiled a “DIRECTORY” of the top 15 best dropshipping websites that you may inquire from.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business model that allows you to sell products and deliver them to customers without holding inventory. The delivery is done through a supplier who holds the product inventory.

how does dropshipping work

Dropshipping is a form of order fulfillment in which the seller does not maintain inventory of the products it sells.

Instead of inventory, a seller can set up a website and purchase products from a third party (usually a wholesaler or manufacturer).

The products are then shipped directly to the customer, which means that the seller does not need to stock products, order large inventory quantities, or fulfill orders. Instead, the third-party vendor will ship the product on behalf of the seller.

Is Dropshipping Legal?

Yes, dropshipping is legal. Dropshipping is simply a method of fulfillment where the sellers handle the sales and the suppliers handle the shipping, which is entirely legal.

Dropshipping is legal, and it’s all around us. E-commerce stores and general retail stores are in the dropshipping business.

However, keep in mind that you must consider some legal issues when setting up and running an e-commerce business. 

There may be some business registration and tax requirements depending on where you operate.

As an online store owner, you should be aware of legal requirements around marketing, privacy, trademarks, and other considerations.

There are also ethical gray areas when it comes to factors that affect the legality, and you want to be careful to avoid getting your dropshipping business into any trouble.

So, dropshipping is legal, but the key is to avoid the pitfalls of illegality while you achieve profitability.

What is a Dropshipping Website? 

A dropshipping website is a platform where dropshippers set up dropshipping stores and sell their products on eBay, Shopify, Amazon, Wix, etc.

These platforms that allow dropshipping or encourage dropshipping are called dropshipping websites.

Dropshipping companies provide online software and platforms for dropshippers who want to open an online store without any hassle.

The dropshipping supplier receives the order and shipping details from the dropshipper, then ships the goods directly to the customer. The dropshipper never handles the ordered products.

Honestly, that’s the charm of dropshipping. It’s a new way to do business online that allows people to work together no matter where they are.

All in all, a dropshipping website is an online website made by a company or community that offers services to help dropshippers solve problems when doing business.

Keep reading, and we’ll cover the individual dropshipping websites later.

How Can Dropshipping Websites Help You?

dropshipping websites

Dropshipping website is an online marketplace to find products, a website to connect with suppliers, or a tool to make dropshipping easier.

As mentioned above, these websites are goal-oriented. They exist to help solve the problems that exist in the dropshipping space.

  1. When you’re looking for a dropshipping supplier, a dropshipping website can help you find the qualified suppliers in the region and market as you want. 
  2. when you’re looking for a niche product, dropshipping websites can help you find cheap, popular, good products.
  3. When you start selling on a dropshipping website, it can help increase your sales.
  4. If you are looking for a way to fine-tune your dropshipping process, dropshipping websites can provide management, financial, customer service, and other tools to optimize your business.

In short, many of these dropshipping websites come in different sizes and plans, but all have the same purpose: to help you succeed.

Is Dropshipping Website Better than a Wholesale Website?

We all know that a wholesale website is an online platform dedicated to providing products for wholesalers. In contrast, a dropshipping website is a platform that has emerged in recent years.

Dropshippers firstly create their stores, then when customers make purchases, ask the supplier to deliver the products to the customer directly. There is no good or bad website, and only it is the right one for you.

For example, if you are a wholesaler and already have your own store on a wholesale website and want to create a dropshipping website, that is also fine. However, suppose your niche market and the end customer are in retail.

You should register on a dropshipping website to reduce your costs and risks because there is no inventory risk with dropshipping, and you don’t want to stock up in advance.

Dropshipping websites are more profitable than wholesale websites for selling products because wholesale profits are fewer in terms of volume. In short, choose the right dropshipping website for you, which is better.

Dropshipping Websites Pros and Cons

dropshipping websites pros and cons

Many dropshippers want to start dropshipping because they think it’s easy. And in fact, it’s not easy. You need to know the pros and cons of dropshipping websites in advance to better help you avoid the risks.


1. Low start-up costs

When you want to create your own store on a dropshipping website, you only need to follow the plans offered by the website to choose from, and you can create a store at a low price.

Dropshipping is great for start-ups because running a store doesn’t require the same working capital as a traditional retail model.

You don’t need to open a physical store, hire employees, keep the lights on, pay overhead, or stock products.

Instead, you only need to open an online store and then the suppliers who already have the products and warehouse space to deliver on your behalf.

2. Find more profitable products

You can look for popular products in your niche on the dropshipping website. You can quickly get an idea and start your dropshipping business.

3. Help you with the promotion

When you have your own store on the dropshipping website, the dropshipping website will help you promote and let more buyers know about you, especially if you are branded dropshipping.


1. Relying on platform and inventory

Dropshipping could offer new products or stop selling slow-moving products. The downside to this privilege is that you have no control over your suppliers’ inventory.

If they are out of stock, you are out of stock, which leads to longer lead times and customer churn.

2. Poor customer service

If your supplier delivers late, damages the product, gives the wrong product, or otherwise screws up your customer’s order, the customer will take issue with you.

You will not be able to provide the same personal service to your customers as retailers who manage their own inventory.

If you don’t personally oversee your inventory, you won’t be able to solve your customers’ problems quickly – you’ll have to deal with suppliers to solve problems for your customers.

3. Fierce competition

There are many dropshipping websites, and the products you sell may also be sold by many others, which will greatly increase competition.

Therefore, when you decide to do dropshipping, you should consider these pros and cons and try to avoid them.

Top 15 Best Dropshipping Websites

The following Dropshipping websites are all trendy in Dropshipping because they are very useful. If you can use them well, you will get more sales.

So, this is a list of the top 15 best Dropshipping websites in 2022.

1. AliExpress


First of all, don’t confuse it with Alibaba because these are two different websites. Alibaba is more focused on people who want to buy in bulk, while AliExpress is focused on the public, and they sell products one by one.

With AliExpress Dropshipping, you can open an online store quickly and easily, which is attractive to those just starting in the Dropshipping eCommerce business. 

Because AliExpress gives you access to thousands of products, you don’t need to invest much money to start selling. And AliExpress Dropshipping Center is easy to use.

You may learn more on our blog about AliExpress for details below:
What is Is AliExpress Safe?


  • You can get almost anything on AliExpress, no matter where.
  • You can find products from all over the world, which allows you to choose the best sources for your store.


  • It may be difficult to find the right suppliers that sell high-quality products.
  • Not all AliExpress suppliers will be able to communicate with you in English.

2. SaleHoo


SaleHoo is a research tool and supplier directory for dropshippers, wholesalers, and e-commerce stores.

The SaleHoo database includes over 8,000 wholesale suppliers and dropshippers with over 1.6 million wholesale products.

SaleHoo will even give you an overview of how many other stores sell the same product, which means you can plan your store display based on their availability.

This is ideal for merchants who want to take advantage of high-demand products or want the opportunity to offer exclusivity for hard-to-find items.


  • 7-day trial period for only $1.
  • You can easily search through their categories to find the products you want to sell.


They don’t have all the products. For some people, SaleHoo is nothing because there is nothing they want to sell, but it may be the complete opposite for others.

3. Spocket


Spocket is an order fulfillment service that gives e-commerce stores access to a range of wholesalers worldwide.

You’ll find the dropshipping suppliers offering products across the U.S., Europe, Australia, Canada, Brazil, and other countries.

With the Spocket plugin, you can browse merchants’ products and add them to your Shopify store with a single click.

Spocket also automates the entire order process, and products are shipped to your customers at the time of purchase.

One of the biggest highlights of Spocket is its branded invoice feature, which allows you to create a custom invoice for your brand that shipped with your products.

Branded dropshipping can go a long way in building brand awareness and gaining repeat customers.


Spocket provides branded invoices to keep your business at the forefront of your customer’s minds, which is great for customer retention.


Spocket can be expensive. The branded invoices are only available in the Pro plan, which offers fewer products and a higher price than other dropshipping apps.

4. Wholesale2b


Wholesale2b is a dropshipping website with many wholesalers in the U.S. and Canada. It is best suited for e-commerce stores with a customer base in North America.

Wholesale2b helps you keep shipping costs low by connecting you with local suppliers across the continent.

Once registered, you can choose from over 100 suppliers offering 1 million products at the best prices.

Once you find the items you want from the different categories of the manufactured goods catalog, you can post them on your websites such as eBay, Amazon, Shopify, or custom websites.


  • You can find products based on popularity, price, new arrivals, etc.
  • You can integrate it with other e-commerce platforms.
  • Automatically updates your product prices in real-time to make quick decisions when managing your inventory.


Products on Wholesale2b tend to be priced higher than on other platforms, so it’s hard to have a large profit margin without raising prices.

5. Modalyst


Modalyst is a unique company that connects some of the world’s biggest brands with emerging and growing fashion designers.

It provides users with millions of high-quality products that can be dropshipped anywhere in the world at your price point.

For dropshippers based in the U.S., Modalyst offers a marketplace of U.S. suppliers that can dropship domestic orders within six to eight days.

Even if you’re not in the U.S., Modalyst’s dropshipping suppliers can ship to more than 80 countries worldwide.

Modalyst has even curated a line of products made from sustainable materials from eco-friendly suppliers for dropshippers looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

In addition, you can add your own branding to your products with Modalyst’s private label off-the-shelf program.


  • Create an online store with Dropshipping suppliers for free.
  • You can choose from any of the world’s best-selling brands.
  • There is no risk when you offer various items for your online store.


Products on Modalyst can be in short supply and sell out quickly, especially if they are from well-known brands.

A common complaint is that when a dropshipper adds a product to their store, they quickly find out it is out of stock.

6. Inventory Source

inventory source

Inventory Source is the best dropshipping inventory and order management software.

It allows you to automatically upload products, sync inventory, and deliver orders to virtually any online store, marketplace, or e-commerce platform with your dropshipping supplier.

The application connects you directly with suppliers for volume discounts, seasonal specials, and access to exclusive brands.

It also cuts out the middleman by not adding a price to any item and shows you the same price as a reseller.

The standout feature of Inventory Source is the ability to add your own resellers to its database, although this requires you to add a paid custom integration.


  • You can sell on almost any online store, platform, or marketplace.
  • You can upload product data automatically.
  • Automated process saves time and effort.
  • Options are almost unlimited.


  • There is a monthly fee to use the service.
  • Non-members can only view inventory.
  • In addition to the monthly fee, you must pay an additional fee for access to each supplier.
  • There is no live chat component available.

7. Worldwide Brands

worldwide brands

Worldwide Brands connects thousands of shippers from the U.S., Europe, and Asia with online retailers as a wholesale supplier directory. You can get thousands of products from many suppliers with one simple click! 

Worldwide Brands offers over sixteen million certified wholesalers to work with and has a list of accredited drip feeders to explore.

Although you have some limitations when using Worldwide Brands, you can access a wide variety of products from many suppliers.


Worldwide Brands has a strict set of criteria that the suppliers must meet, so it’s an excellent resource for finding reliable suppliers of high-quality products.


Worldwide Brands does not offer automated tools or order management systems, so synchronizing your inventory can be a hassle.

8. Wholesale Central


Wholesale Central is the cheapest dropshipping website on this list and is a directory of wholesalers and dropshipping suppliers.

For merchants and dropshippers, the website provides a launch pad for profitable business partnerships.

Wholesale Central is a leading dropshipping company that works with suppliers worldwide to offer competitive products to its customers.

You can browse products by category, brand, and price range. You can also use their search bar to search for specific products or add them directly to your cart.

They have everything! You can see the name, location, and the supplier’s short description on the listing page.

All suppliers are reviewed and screened by the folks at Wholesale Central, but you are still advised to proceed with caution.


Wholesale Central is a low-cost way to find a large number of suppliers who are willing to establish personal relationships with dropshippers.


Wholesale Central does not include any order management tools to help sync orders and products with dropshippers.

9. Doba


Doba is a dropshipping website that offers suppliers located primarily in the United States and China.

Doba provides an easy way to sell local products with fast shipping times for dropshippers in both locations.

So all you need to do is register for an account, select the products you want to sell, and start advertising without delay to get sales. You can run your entire dropshipping business through Doba alone.

What makes Doba stand out is that it’s easy to find products based on relevance or performance. You can also search by keyword, name, or popularity.

Another benefit of this platform is integrating it with top marketplaces and e-commerce platforms.


With Doba, you can also filter products by shipping origin, so you can be sure to select products that ship in a reasonable amount of time and manage your shipping costs.


Doba’s suppliers are integrated into the app, so it tends to have fewer suppliers than other dropshipping options.

10. Megagoods


MegaGoods is a website specializing in electronics with good dropshipping service. You can find kitchen appliances, cameras, clocks, T.V.s, and Bluetooth products on the website.

In addition to browsing by category, you can even search for specific products you want to sell.

For example, if you only have a particular budget, use the “price range” filter bar on their website to find products that fall within the price range you want! 


  • Access to thousands of products without spending too much time.
  • Branded products at great value prices.
  • Fast and efficient processing.
  • Private label dropship service available.
  • 30-day return policy.


The website looks a bit old, which no search tool and integration with your store’s website.

11. Oberlo


Oberlo is a product sourcing website where you can find any product to sell in your Shopify store.

In addition, it has a built-in AliExpress integration that allows you to get AliExpress dropshipping by adding AliExpress products directly to your Shopify store.

Our research shows that the platform is one of the best-designed websites with a user-friendly interface.

You can also start dropshipping directly without a free trial but still get all the basic tools to make Shopify drip purchases.


  • Tight integration with Shopify.
  • Free account to start testing the platform.
  • Easy one-click import of AliExpress products.
  • Beautiful, modern user interface.


Oberlo’s order processing is slow, and you need to order each order one by one. For example, you can’t collect all orders for the day with one click.

12. is a general dropshipping website with over 1,700,000 products from over 890 suppliers. The products on the website include jewelry, beauty products, electronics, and more. helps dropshippers and suppliers list items, update quantities, receive orders, submit invoices, and work with powerful selling platforms like eBay, Amazon, and Shopify.


It easily connects you to domestic suppliers, allowing you to avoid the long wait times associated with overseas suppliers.


Membership fees to join are high, making it difficult to use when testing new online stores.

13. Chinabrands


Chinabrands is a growing dropshipping website from China, which has global warehouses and can reach customers in over 200 countries.

The products are also very diverse, including luggage, clothing, jewelry and accessories, home furnishings, etc.

There are about 500,000+ items on the platform, and you can also see what’s trending or newly arrived.

Chinabrands is a great place to connect different companies, which helps small and medium-sized businesses boost sales quickly.

In addition, the platform is closely integrated with several quality suppliers from China – the world’s factory.


  • Chinabrands offers you millions of products in different categories. It also generates product descriptions for each product to have a clear picture of your care items.
  • Chinabrands supports ten popular languages so that you can overcome language barriers. Such as English, Spanish, French, Chinese, German, Italian, and Russian.


  • You have to pay a little money for the VIP membership. In return, you will get special discounts.
  • They set up irrelevant item descriptions online from time to time, which makes sellers misunderstand them.
  • All you receive are automated responses. The customer service response is so few.

14. CJDropshipping


CJDropshipping is a Chinese company that provides one-stop dropshopping services. From product sourcing to order processing to shipping fulfillment, CJDropshipping handles all.

In addition, they offer warehousing services, photo, and video shoots, affiliate programs, API support, and other additional services.

In this way, CJDropshipping is like a hybrid of ALiexpress and Oberlo, and only it goes a step further.


  • You can start for free and start selling immediately.
  • Huge product catalog with the option to choose from a large number of product categories.
  • You can choose to customize your product packaging and insert branded materials.


  • The user interface can be pretty cluttered, making it difficult to use.
  • Most of the website is not written in English.

15. SupDropshipping


SupDropshipping is a global dropshipping website that allows sellers to source thousands of products from wholesale marketplaces in China, including websites like

Getting started is easy, and syncing SupDropshipping with several e-commerce platforms and online marketplaces is also easy.

Users can sign up for an account through the SupDropshipping website and start browsing products using intuitive search functions.


  • You can choose from a variety of popular product categories.
  • Custom product packaging, engraving, and POD services are available.
  • It’s free to use SupDropshipping.


  • The website often has typos and grammatical errors.
  • They often lack information about how the website works for specialized services or specific features.

How to Find Reliable Suppliers from Dropshipping Websites?

One of the biggest challenges for dropshipping is finding a reliable supplier. There are many potential suppliers, but it isn’t easy to find reputable and reliable ones to work with.

So, check out the ratings and reviews on the Dropshipping website to properly vet suppliers. Having a good relationship with a supplier can often help you get inventory at a great price.

When you are just starting, aim to find suitable suppliers who have reliable products t, which is an important part of ensuring your business succeeds.

1. Good Experience

Dealing with new dropshipping websites can be risky because they can be a risk of fraud, and new websites can stay out of business.

For these reasons, it is important to check the age of your dropshipping website. We recommend using a website that has been in business for two years or more.

2. Fast shipping

It is important to sign up with suppliers that can ship faster than your competitors, which will keep you and your customers happy. Preferably within 24 hours if possible, but less than 48 hours.

3. High-Quality Products

One of the most important factors in your business is finding high-quality products to sell.

It helps build a successful brand, keeps customers happy, and reduces returns. While you may need to expend more effort to source high-quality products, the payoff will be worth it!

4. Proper Return Policy

It is important for a successful dropshipping business that you can handle returns effectively.

For this reason, it is critical to understand your supplier’s return policy and any fees you must pay. Make sure your policy applies to the supplier and that you and your customers are happy.

5. Search the location that you want

You may search for dropshipping suppliers in a specific location or even in the exact location as you, which has many benefits.

First of all, if you are looking for fast shipping, it is important to search for dropshipping suppliers in your location or where you want to sell. By doing this, you can ensure smooth, fast shipping that your customers will like.

In addition, you will be able to speak the same language as your dropshipping suppliers, thus reducing friction and mistakes they may make. There are also great benefits to using dropshipping suppliers in some specific countries.

How to Find Great Products from Dropshipping Websites?

Finding a great product from a dropshipping website can start with using a platform for people to sell their products. One of the benefits of using a platform is the available amount of data.

You can get a lot of information about what products people are buying in your target market, giving you insight into what’s trending.

But there’s one thing to remember, a popular product doesn’t mean it will be successful in dropshipping.

Make sure you verify the need before you buy:

  • Use websites like Amazon, and eBay to see what popular products are.
  • Another way to see which popular product sell is through a Google search.

You can see which products are popular in dropshipping, and you can view the products on Google Trends or do a product search, which will give you a good idea of popular dropshipping items.

Also, you can use the dropshipping website, Google, search by image, or search by the generic term for the item to find great products.

Tips for Dropshipping Websites to Improve the Sale

There are many stories on the dropshipping website, and I will show you the marketing tips that could quickly increase your conversion rate with just a few minutes of work.

1. Add the phone number to your store

The first tip is to add a phone number to your header, footer, contact, and about us page.

One of the people’s biggest worries about starting a business is talking to sellers and customers. But you shouldn’t be afraid, because the person calling is trying to give you money.

When they call, it’s usually want to place an order. They will call and say, “I just want to see if you’re legit before ordering.”

2. Offer a free bonus gift

If you follow the model I described and sell products, you can increase conversions by offering bonus gifts for each product.

If you ship directly from China and sell cheap products, you may not be able to do this, except you have an agent to help you dropship.

You should ask yourself what your customers want or need cheap, such as a phone case.

When they buy the product and compare it with your competitors, they will see the same price. But with you, they’ll get more.

3. Ask suppliers for reviews

If you’re new and don’t have recommendations or product reviews, it’s hard to get sales.

People want to hear what previous customers say about your business and products before buying. Without good reviews and recommendations, your overall conversion rate will be lower.

The easiest way to get product reviews is to ask your dropshipping suppliers. Your supplier should already have these databases on their website or reseller portal.

They should be able to provide you with the information placed on the product pages. The best thing is that most of your competitors don’t do this, so you will gain an advantage over them.

4. Get unique product photos from suppliers

When you have these conversations with dropshipping suppliers, ask them for unique product photos. Because you are the dropshipper, you will not see or have access to your products.

If your supplier provides the same photos to your competitors, you may have the same photos as everyone else, and then everyone puts the same photos on their website, causing every product page to look the same.

So, when you talk to your suppliers, you should ask for:

  • Any photos that are not included in the new reseller’s product package.
  • Photos from the exhibition.
  • Photos of customer reviews.

All these photos will help customers choose you over your competitors.

Dropshipping Websites FAQ

dropshipping websites faq

1. What is the cheapest dropshipping website?

Wholesale Central is the cheapest dropshipping website because it allows you to browse products and suppliers for free.

However, Wholesale Central is just a directory of dropshipping suppliers that carry different products, so you may still pay for them in a service fee.

2. How does dropshipping work?

Dropshipping is a straightforward business model. A dropshipper lists products to sell on their online store.

Once an order is placed, the dropshipper forwards the order to the supplier, who then packages and ships the product to the end customer under the dropshipper’s name.

3. Is dropshipping a legal business?

Yes, it is completely legal. Dropshipping is a form of order fulfillment. People can set up their own online store and legally sell products without holding inventory.

4. Do I need to purchase inventory for my dropshipping business?

No, dropshipping does not require you to purchase products in advance. When a customer buys from you, you can order the product from the supplier.

5. How to make a dropshipping on Shopify?

Choose a dropshipping business idea, find products to sell through competitive research, and find a dropshipping supplier.

Build your online store, register your business with the government, upload your products, and start marketing your dropshipping store.

6. Who provides dropshipping customer service?

Since people will buy products from your online store, they will naturally contact you to solve any problems.

Your investment should improve your customer service and provide a seamless relationship with your customers.

7. Is it possible to track dropshipping orders?

Yes. As with every dropshipping process, you will be given a tracking number for your order, and you can track the ordered products from your dropshipping supplier to your customer.

Dropshipping Websites Conclusion

I hope our list of the top 15 best dropshipping websites will help you gain confidence and start dropshipping.

These websites can save you money, time, and effort. Please comment below if you know of any more dropshipping websites or have any questions.

I am Yan, the founder of Yansourcing, the best sourcing agent in China, who can quickly and safely help you buy and import from China. If you need help sourcing from China, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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