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what does made in prc mean

Made in PRC is a country of origin label used by Chinese manufacturers. It has become more and more popular in recent years than the typical Made in China label.

However, it has caused much confusion among traders and consumers worldwide because not everyone knows what it means and may have some misconceptions. So, I will cover all the questions about Made in PRC for you.

What Does ‘Made in PRC’ Mean?

Made in PRC is the same as Made in China. PRC is short for the People’s Republic of China, which is the official name of China but is not often used because it is sufficient to say China.

So, there is a result that most people are familiar with the name China rather than PRC. By the way, Made in PROC is also the same as Made in China.

Therefore, Made in PRC means:

Made in PRC = Made in People’s Republic of China = Made in China = Made in PROC

Which Country Does it Mean for ‘Made in PRC’?

As we just mentioned, PRC is the People’s Republic of China. Thus, Made in PRC means the products made in People’s Republic of China.

Many Chinese suppliers are proud of using their official name, but it is complex to use the full name of “People’s Republic of China” in daily conversations. So they preferred to use PRC for short.

Is ‘Made in PRC’ Legal?

Yes! It’s Legal.

Made in PRC means products made in People’s Republic of China. It is the formal way of writing, and you do not need to worry about any issues. It doesn’t involve false advertising when using Made in PRC on the country-of-origin label.

Furthermore, rebranding is a common strategy in the business world, and it is considered a fair practice. Perhaps the only difference here is that it is the name of a state, not a company.

What Is the Difference Between ‘Made in PRC’ and ‘Made in China’?

The essence of Made in PRC and Made in China is the same. Made in PRC means Made in People’s Republic of China. It is the same as Made in China, and both can be used interchangeably, just depending on the manufacturer’s preference.

So, Made in PRC and Made in China are the same label. There is no difference between both. Here some readers may ask if both labels are the same, why is there such a fuss about Made in PRC and Made in China?

The answer is simple: it is a branding strategy. For now, some buyers think that Made in China has a bad reputation and believe that Made in PRC is of better quality.

To put this issue in perspective, let’s take a brief look at China’s manufacturing industry in the next section.

Why Use ‘Made in PRC’ Instead of ‘Made in China’?

Some buyers thought Made in PRC would be of better quality, while Made in China had a bad reputation.

So, moving from Made in China to Made in PRC is a strategy to improve the impression of Chinese products and boost sales, but it is a strategy to confuse buyers into buying these products.

The main reason is suppliers hope to sell their products better.

Over the past ten years or more, China has become a leading global manufacturing center, and it is often referred to as The World’s Factory.

And most buyers found that the quality of goods produced by Chinese manufacturers varies. Some are top-rated durable products, while others are low-quality items that may not use for too long.

made in china

Most buyers choose low-quality products because of the low price and look the same as the more authentic top-of-the-line products.

In some cases, bad middlemen and retailers also mislead customers into believing that low-quality copycat products are the original authentic.

Because of these pitfalls, most consumers deal only with low-quality products. As a result, Made in China has become a synonym for cheap and inferior products, so buyers don’t trust them.

As a solution, some Chinese suppliers decided to change the label from Made in China to Made in PRC.

This way, people cannot know where the product was made and don’t know what Made in PRC means. Suppliers will benefit the most from this step.

This solution gives Made in PRC products a new chance in the global marketplace, even though customers may find out that the products are made in China.

Why Has ‘Made in PRC’ Become worldwide?

What is the first thing you do when you buy a new product? Yes, you will turn it over and check the label on the bottom of the product.

Buyers can see the Made in PRC label multiple times daily. The term Made in PRC has become widely recognized worldwide as China is the world leader in exports.

But do you know why most products are Made in PRC?

made in prc

1. Cheap labor

The advantages of the local market have helped Made in PRC go global the world.

As a world leader in exports, China has a degree of cheap labor that attracts foreign investment. Locally, there is fierce competition among skilled workers, so it is not difficult to find qualified Chinese labor at the best price.

2. Infrastructure

In addition, China has established a smooth and well-developed logistics chain to help manufacturing companies transport their goods.

There are many airports, seaports, and railroads in China. After all, China’s infrastructure is expanding fast and furiously.

3. Affordable Land Costs

In China, land rent and production costs are affordable. Therefore, if any company wants to set up a manufacturing plant in China, it can be quickly obtained at a reasonable rent.

4. Political Stability

Most importantly, political stability plays a crucial role. Chinese government policies also benefit manufacturers, including tax breaks, tax refunds, and many other benefits.

These policies allow better access to manufacturing materials, raw materials, and resources.

5. Production and assembly facilities for major brands

The development of an industry cannot be isolated. Instead, it depends on a well-established network of key players and production facilities. It can be suppliers, government agencies, distributors, or transportation companies.

Unlike other countries, the entire business ecosystem in China is exceptionally cultivated. As a result, many well-known brands have manufacturing and assembly departments in China.

Does ‘Made in PRC’ Mean Bad Quality?

Not the true!

Made in PRC is not always associated with low quality. You will only find Made in PRC low-quality products when asking the supplier to produce them at a low price.

Many customers demand different products of different quality, including low-quality products at the lowest price.

In fact, you can also find high-quality products in China. Because China is a global manufacturing center, some luxury and high-end brands in various industries have manufacturing plants in China.

These companies have strict quality assurance standards that Chinese manufacturers strictly follow.

For example, Apple is a global leader in innovation, product design, development, and software ecosystems. They outsource production to Foxconn, Apple’s manufacturing partner in China. 

foxconn worker assembly line

Foxconn follows the design and engineering principles developed by Apple. In addition, several critical components used in Apple products are from Chinese suppliers.

But why are some products Made in PRC of poor quality? You may consider the following reasons:

  1. Some suppliers are unwilling to pay for high-quality raw materials to produce and manufacture high-quality products while mass production materials are cheaper.
  2. Some suppliers are unaware of the quality requirements or do not fully understand them.
  3. Some manufacturers ignore quality and only focus on the benefit.
  4. Some manufacturers do not have the skills to manufacture the expected quality or lack the machinery/equipment to meet the standards.
  5. There is time pressure to deliver a high-quality product.
  6. Margins are too low, they are driven by profit rather than quality.
  7. Not all manufacturers care about how the quality affects your business.

Therefore, sourcing products in China can also be a challenge. The best advice is to find a reliable sourcing agent in China.

Yansourcing, as the best sourcing agent in China, can help you differentiate the quality of your products and help you deliver the product quickly to your country.

How to Choose the Right ‘Made in PRC’ Products?

1. Dealing with the right supplier

It seems to find a manufacturer in China is an easy process because there are thousands to choose from. Not really!

Choosing a manufacturer from countless factories is quite tricky. Looking around and reviewing different manufacturers before finding the right one can be demanding.

You may learn more about finding reliable suppliers in China for details below:
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2. Make appropriate inspection before shipping

If you can visit China, I suggest you visit the supplier’s warehouse or factory and check their products, inputs, and production techniques. If you are inspecting finished products, then test them rigorously. 

If you can’t visit China, consider working with a sourcing agent or a quality inspection services company, they can help you ensure all the products you ordered meet your standards.

Also, if you find the right product in China, you should identify and check the overall performance and other information.

Do not forget to properly assess the value as this is also a major factor to consider. Always keep in mind what kind of quality you want to purchase.

You may learn more about Sourcing Products from China for details below:
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‘Made in PRC’ FAQ

1. What does ‘Made in PRC’ mean?

Made in PRC means the products made in People’s Republic of China. It is the same as Made in China, but only a kind of rebranding to remove the wrong impression of Made in China products in buyers’ minds.

2. Why is it essential to put the Made in PRC label on products?

Manufacturers need to put the Made in PRC label on their products to inform buyers where the product was made. It helps them decide whether they want to buy it or not.

If the manufacturer does not label the product, it would be unethical, and buyers would be left in the dark without knowing where the product came from. Moreover, in almost every country, this is required by law.

3. Does Made in PRC apply to products assembled in China?

Only products produced in China are eligible to be labeled as Made in PRC. Products assembled in China can only be labeled as assembled in China.

Assembled in China means that the components of the product are in other countries, and then those components are brought to China and assembled there.

‘Made in PRC’ Conclusion

There is no right or wrong when selecting Made in China and Made in PRC. Chinese manufacturers are simply doing their best to overcome the prejudice that all products made in China are substandard.

Therefore, to eliminate this misconception about Chinese products, research and development play a key role in helping China become the market leader in producing the highest quality, most affordable, and up-to-date products.

Yansourcing is a leading sourcing agent company in China. If you want to import from China and expect to find high-quality Made in PRC products, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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