Definitive Guide 2022: How to Buy Direct from China?

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how to buy direct from china

Are you considering starting a small company or business and selling online products? Then buying directly from China is the best option.

The Chinese market offers you the best quality products at low prices, and the cheaper you buy, the higher your profit margin will be.

When you buy direct from China, you need to know what steps to take and how to find trustworthy suppliers.

Also, you must thoroughly understand the manufacturing process, shipping logistics, customs clearance, etc. These are not easy for a newbie.

Thus, I wrote the article, which is the definitive guide on how to buy direct from China in 2022. Keep reading to learn how to source goods from China professionally.

Why Should I Buy Direct from China?

China has achieved significant growth in the field of e-commerce. According to the World Economic Forum, China has become known as the world’s factory. It is now a production superpower.

China has abundant resources. Chinese suppliers can provide you with better logistics services compared to other countries.

Chinese factories can provide you with quality products. China has low labor costs and low costs. When you buy direct from China, you will pay low tax rates.

The Chinese market can offer you a wide variety of goods at economical prices, and if you decide to buy goods from China, you should buy them in bulk.

It will allow you to make huge profits which will be very helpful for your business growth. So, if you want to earn high profits, buy direct from China.

What Are the Benefits of Buying Direct from China?

benefits of buying direct from china

Buying from China means importing products from China. The Chinese government has many policies in place to support export trade. You can buy anything you want, from paper to equipment.

Here are the main benefits of buying direct from China:

Reduced costs

Reducing costs is a top priority for any business, and buying from China provides a unique opportunity to reduce expenses while expanding. General production, labor, and assembly costs are significantly lower in China.

Achieving high output in a shorter period

Costs may delay expansion, but longer timeframes may hinder exciting growth. China’s well-developed manufacturing sector can help companies scale up quickly and easily.

Product customization

Your business will not be limited to a limited selection of products.

Chinese manufacturers are often experienced in customizing existing products to meet your specific needs, and certain factories can help develop unique product prototypes.

In short, if you want amazing products quickly and at an affordable price, China is the best place to buy them.

Tips for Buying Direct from China

Here are 5 tips on how to buy direct from China:

Tip 1. Do your research

There are a lot of scams out there, so it’s important to do your research before you buy anything. Make sure you are buying from a reputable source.

Tip 2. Compare prices

Many websites sell products from China, so it is important to compare prices before you buy.

Tip 3. Check shipping costs

Shipping from China can be expensive, so you need to know the shipping costs before you buy.

Tip 4. Pay by credit card

This will protect you if there are any problems with your purchase.

Tip 5. Keep your receipts

This will come in handy if there are any problems with your purchase.

choose the right product

Before you buy direct from China, you must confirm the following 2 things:

Identify the product you want to import

Choosing the wrong product means you are wasting your time and money. To be a successful importer, you must first choose the right product for resale.

Determine your importing rights

Before buying goods from your country/region, you as a business or individual must confirm that you have the right to import into your country/region. (Consult your local customs broker for details)

When you buy direct from China, you will need to consider the following 3 things:

  1. Product quality is important because you want to ensure you get what you pay for
  2. Cost is important because you want to get the best price
  3. Shipping is important because you want to ensure your products arrive safely and on time

How to Buy Direct from China?

Chinese products cover all possible industries. It varies from choosing a reliable supplier to creating international shipping and customs clearance.

Some buyers, especially entrepreneurs, do not know the steps to take when buying direct from China.

As an experienced sourcing agent, we offer the following 5 steps to guide you through buying direct from China:

Step 1. Find the right supplier

Once you’ve chosen your product, it’s time to start looking around for suppliers. There are several different places you can look:

Trade Fairs

If you want to talk to suppliers in person, attending a trade fair is the most direct way. You can also check the quality of the products at the trade fairs, as the suppliers are there to showcase their products.

Therefore, China trade fairs are great for contacting reliable and best Chinese suppliers. For example, Canton Fair, Global Sources Exhibition, Yiwu Commodities Fair, etc.

Google Search

If you are willing to talk to a supplier online, you can find one through a Google search. Remember that many factories do not have a significant online presence and are difficult to find through this method.

Wholesale Websites

Due to the pandemic of Covid 19, wholesale websites are the best way to order wholesale products directly from China.

Online wholesale websites have thousands of suppliers and wholesale companies in many different areas.

They also have certification and rating systems to help you determine the best certification. For example, Alibaba, Global Sources, Made-in-China, DHgate, AliExpress, 1688, etc.

Wholesale Markets

Wholesale markets are a great place to wholesale your products. You will find countless wholesale markets in China that will provide you with all the products you need at low prices.

Wholesale markets are open all year round (except for Chinese holidays), so you don’t have to wait for trade fairs to find suppliers.

For example, Yiwu wholesale market, Guangzhou wholesale market, Shenzhen wholesale market, etc.

Step 2. Review your suppliers

review suppliers

After you are interested in some suppliers, you need to do your due diligence to make sure you choose the one that meets your expectations.

Here are a few steps you should take:

Ask them questions

Due to language barriers, many suppliers prefer to communicate via email. But if possible, it’s always good to talk to them on the phone. Ask them about their products, factories, and anything else you think is relevant.

Get samples

Any good supplier will be happy to send you samples of their products. Samples are usually free, but you must pay for shipping. This allows you to check their products’ quality to ensure they meet your standards.

Do your homework

Doing some digging to ensure you’re dealing with a great company is a good idea. You can check to see any pending lawsuits on the China Trial Procedures Information Disclosure Network or the China Judicial Documents Network.

If you are checking out Alibaba, check out their ratings and what certifications they have. Once you take these 3 steps, you should be safe and find a trustworthy supplier.

Step 3. Get a quote

get a quote from supplier

After you’ve chosen your preferred supplier, it’s time to get a quote.

The company may be great, and its products may be top-notch, but you need to look elsewhere if they can’t offer you a price that fits your budget.

The important thing to remember is that any quote you receive is negotiable, so don’t just accept the first number you get. If the supplier wants your business good enough, they will usually lower the price.

You will need to get two quotes:

Product cost

This is the total cost you will pay for all the items you order from them. Remember, the more you order, the lower the price per item.

Shipping cost

When you receive a quote, ask if it includes shipping. Most suppliers will arrange this for you, but sometimes you may need to coordinate it yourself.

Shipping can be expensive, so ensure you know the shipping cost before placing your order. You can ship by air, faster but more expensive , or ship by sea, slower but more cost-effective.

If you are happy with the quote, tell them to start production. Depending on the product and quantity, this can take anywhere from a few weeks to a month.

Step 4. Pay your supplier

pay your supplier

The most common payment terms are to pay 30% of the total cost in advance and then pay the other 70% when the order is completed. Don’t agree to pay 100% upfront, especially if you’ve never worked with the supplier before.

Proven payment methods such as PayPal or credit card are ideal. However, for orders over $5,000, you will almost always need to pay via wire transfer.

Most Chinese suppliers only accept U.S. dollars, so if you are outside the U.S., you will also need to consider currency exchange fees.

Step 5. Coordinate local shipping

As we mentioned earlier, in most cases, your supplier will take care of the shipping for you. If you complete your order, simply ship your inventory to your home, which is the end of the process.

However, if you are shipping your order through a delivery service such as Amazon FBA, you will need to take additional steps to ensure your inventory gets there.

china shipping

If this is your first time dealing with a supplier, it’s best to have the goods sent to you first. You can check your items to ensure everything is in order.

Once you trust your supplier, you can then have them send your products directly to the distribution center.

Before sending anything to the fulfillment service, make sure you read the instructions they provide. You will usually need to include special labels to have your shipment accepted.

If you want to simplify things, you can hire a logistics provider. They will manage your shipment from China to your final destination. They can also help you with customs, duties, and other steps associated with importing your goods.

Top 3 Trade Fairs to Buy Direct from China

If you can visit China, you must attend a China trade fair. You can find thousands of Chinese suppliers through these fairs under one roof.

The following are the top 3 fairs where you can buy direct from China:

1. Canton Fair

canton fair

The China Import and Export Fair, also known as the Canton Fair, is the largest trade fair in China.

The fair is held in Guangzhou twice a year in three phases: every spring and autumn. The fair showcases almost all types of products.

Exhibitors and buyers from nearly 200 countries/regions attend the fair to showcase their products or buy goods.

In fact, it is so big that it operates in three different phases covering electronics, consumer goods, home décor, and anything “else”.

For dates and details, please visit the English version of the Canton Fair website.

2. Global Sources Exhibition

global sources exhibition

Global Sources Exhibition is another huge trade fair. Factory owners from all over the world meet here twice a year. It takes place before the Canton Fair, so you can attend both fairs on the same visit.

This fair tends to focus on certain product categories, so if you want to buy electronics or fashion accessories, this may be the best to attend.

Another attraction is the low language barrier. Unlike mainland China, almost everyone in Hong Kong speaks English, so it’s much easier to get around.

3. Yiwu Commodities Fair

yiwu fair

Yiwu Commodities Fair is China’s largest consumer goods fair and is usually held in October. Unlike other fairs, Yiwu Fair is a permanent fair for small buyers worldwide and covers almost all consumer goods.

China’s third largest export commodities fair was established in 1995 and is held at Yiwu International Expo Center in Yiwu, China.

You may learn more about China Trade Fairs for details below:
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Top 6 Wholesale Websites to Buy Direct from China

You can do a general search for suppliers on Google, but most businesses go directly to the B2B directory, where thousands of Chinese suppliers are at their fingertips.

The following are the top 6 wholesale websites for buying direct from China:

1. Alibaba


Alibaba is one of the world’s most popular B2B and B2C supplier platforms. It was founded in 1999 and is growing very fast. It is a platform for manufacturers and suppliers to showcase their products.

You can find suppliers of any product you can think of. Almost all categories of products you need are available. The platform serves millions of suppliers and buyers worldwide.

The main suppliers are from China, but not only from China. It has suppliers from over 190 countries. It is very simple and has become increasingly user-friendly from the beginning.

You may learn more about Alibaba for details below:
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2. Global Sources


Global Sources is a unique Chinese wholesale website based in Hong Kong.

This multi-channel company facilitates business from China to the rest of the world by providing sourcing information to buyers.

It also provides integrated marketing services for suppliers. The company does this in several ways, including worldwide category listings and popular trade shows for buyers and traders.

Global Sources has a more sophisticated vetting process, which allows them to attract higher-quality suppliers.

In addition, Global Sources suppliers tend to have much higher MOQs (minimum order quantities) than Alibaba.

3. Made-in-China

made in china

Made-In-China is a B2B China wholesale directory specializing in machinery, electronics, textiles, and handicrafts. Besides Alibaba and Global Sources, Made-in-China is China’s third largest B2B platform.

Most of the suppliers on Made-in-China are quality verified, and you can view supplier audit reports for more information about suppliers. You can also find minimum order quantities and product pricing on the site.

Overall, Alibaba and Global Sources are larger and better known, but Made-in-China is a great third choice for finding wholesale suppliers in China.

4. DHgate


DHGate is a Chinese wholesale marketplace that allows small businesses in China to sell their products directly to global consumers and e-commerce business owners.

One of the largest leading B2B marketplaces and my #1 recommendation for newbies.

The best part is that DHgate is excellent for small and large wholesale orders. This can be achieved through their tiered pricing structure for each product. The more you buy, the more you will save.

DHgate’s popularity can be measured by the fact that it has over 30 million products.

You may learn more about Alibaba Vs. DHgate for details below:
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5. AliExpress


AliExpress is one of the world’s largest B2C and B2B portals under the Alibaba Group. It is a marketplace that allows independent small businesses and factories in China to sell directly to individual customers worldwide.

You can find individual sellers or wholesale companies trading individual items on AliExpress. This is a great sourcing resource for buyers looking to try small orders or planning to sell locally.

AliExpress does not allow mainland Chinese customers to purchase from the platform. Member marketing programs are also available to reward commissions for sending visitors.

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6. 1688

1688 is a directory of Chinese wholesale suppliers owned by Alibaba Group. In fact, 1688 is almost identical to Alibaba, except that 1688 is mainly for Chinese companies.

In most cases, the price of 1688 is lower than Alibaba. In addition, you can find some rare items here that are not available even on Chinese wholesale platforms like Alibaba and DHgate.

Since its entire website is in Chinese, you’ll have to use Google Translate or find someone who can read Chinese to help you find suppliers on their website.

You need the full help of a sourcing agent. These sourcing agents will help you through the entire process, which will help you save a lot of time.

Yansourcing can help you find and supply quality products at competitive prices. Yansourcing offers you 1688 agent services.

Learn More about Yansourcing’ s Sourcing Service

Top 3 Wholesale Markets to Buy Direct from China

Wholesale markets are great places to buy wholesale products. You will find numerous wholesale markets in China that will provide you with all the products you need at low prices.

The following are the top 3 wholesale markets to buy direct from China:

1. Yiwu Wholesale Market

yiwu market

The Yiwu market is known for being the largest wholesale market trade in the world, with about 75,000 or more stalls offering a huge variety of products.

The product niche is also unlimited, covering about 400,000 different types of products in the market.

You can buy hardware, accessories, health care products, handicrafts, textiles, toys, fashion accessories, electronics, stationery, auto parts, and more. You can find anything from the Yiwu market quickly.

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2. Guangzhou Wholesale Market

guangzhou market

The Guangzhou market is one of the oldest and most famous wholesale markets. This wholesale market has been known as the export center of China since the 1980s.

Guangzhou’s wholesale market has many popular products. They are a great place to purchase for your retail store or wholesale business.

This market can offer various products, including jewelry, clothing, bags, beauty and personal care products, fabrics, hotel and restaurant supplies, and more.

You may learn more about Guangzhou Wholesale Markets for details below:
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3. Shenzhen Wholesale Market

shenzhen market

The Shenzhen market is famous for the Huaqiangbei electronics market. Huaqiang North Electronic Market is the largest electronic market in the world. You can find all kinds of electronic products and devices you want.

All technology-related brands have at least one store here. Many people from all over the world buy electronic products here every day. Then they will sell them in their countries.

You may learn more about China Electronics Market for details below:
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Hire a Sourcing Agent to Buy Direct from China

top 100 best china sourcing agent company

A China Sourcing Agent is a good choice for your import problems. If you have no experience importing, you’d better hire a China sourcing agent.

They provide efficient service, quality sourcing, reliable suppliers, low-cost manufacturing, and safe shipping. One thing you should take seriously is to provide them with extra money for satisfactory service.

1. Ensure the security of your business in China

The most significant benefit of hiring a sourcing agent is that they can guarantee the security of your business in China.

They guarantee every procedure before your products are delivered to your country. Security of product, shipping and payment will eliminate wasted time and reduce costs due to misunderstandings in communication.

2. Help you define your products and suppliers

A sourcing agent is a good suggestion if you still don’t know your products. They help you customize your products.

They can also help you check the quantity and quality of your products. They will provide you with experienced suppliers at the lowest cost. You have more time and energy to make sales.

3. Recommending agents to you

Yansourcing is one of the best sourcing agents in China. They provide product sourcing services cheaper than any other service you can think of. There is no concept of minimum order.

If you need a product, they will supply it to you. You need 100 containers, and they can provide that too. Yansourcing also offers Amazon pre-processing services for Amazon sellers.

It also provides inspections and factory audits as needed. If you need any help with your product, Yansourcing is the best choice. They will provide you with an open-box inspection service.

You may learn more about China Sourcing Agent for details below:
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Buy Direct from China FAQ

1. Can I buy direct from China?

Yes, you can buy direct from China without any hassle. You only need to simplify the order you want to buy direct from China. If you cannot be there in person, the sourcing company will assist you in buying.

2. What is the difference between buying from China and the US?

Essentially, buying from China is more cost-effective than in the US. There will be lower manufacturing, labor, and assembly costs.

The ability to scale up production and have easier access to raw materials will also be beneficial when buying from China.

3. Is it safe to buy direct from China?

Yes, it is very safe to buy direct from China. Before buying from anywhere in the world, you must confirm the supplier’s authenticity. Again, background checks are very important in China.

4. How does Yansourcing help me to buy direct from China?

Many customers use Yansourcing as a complete outsourced supply chain manager to handle buying from China.

They can handle many steps of the sourcing process, such as:

  • Supplier due diligence
  • Sample coordination
  • Negotiation of terms/prices
  • Site inspections to oversee manufacturing
  • Shipping coordination from China to the US
  • Product sourcing volume
  • Import and customs clearance
  • Delivery of products to final destination

Buy Direct from China Conclusion

In this article, we have tried to reveal all aspects related to buying from China. After considering all these steps, we ensure you can buy directly from China without any hassle.

If you have other questions about buy direct from China, please leave the comments below.

I am Yan, the founder of Yansourcing, the best sourcing agent in China, who can quickly and safely help you buy and import from China. If you have any questions about importing from China, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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