Is Shein Legit? Everything You Need To Know In 2022

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is shein legit

You may have seen Shein Ads on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, then visited their website and found cheap products. However, is Shein legit?

In this article, I’ll go over all the details here and explain why Shein is a legit company. You’ll also get tips for buying from Shein successfully, so please stick around until the end.

What Is Shein?

Shein is an international B2C fast fashion e-commerce platform that focuses on women’s clothing, but also offers fashion items such as men’s clothing, children’s clothing, accessories, shoes and bags.

In other words, Shein is an online fashion retailer in which you can buy really cute and fashionable clothes at super cheap prices.

Although the company is based in China, it does operate globally and sells its products to customers in over 150 countries/regions.

Shein maintains strict quality control protocols and offers a one-year warranty on all of its products.

While all fashion brands draw inspiration from famous designers and the fashion industry, Shein has developed its brand from the beginning by tapping into micro trends.

Why Is Shein So Cheap?

shein cheap clothes

Shein’s official inventory is quite extensive, and it seems to offer just about anything at a fraction of the typical cost. Shein is a great site for anyone looking for a fashion bargain.

There are several main reasons why Shein clothes are so cheap:

Reason 1: The vast majority of Shein’s clothes are sourced from factories in China. This means that labor costs are much lower than in other countries, thus keeping prices low.

Reason 2: Although Shein’s prices are good quality, most of the clothes they sell are not what you would call “high-quality items”.

Reason 3: It’s a fast fashion, designed to be worn for a season, so the quality of the fabric or durability of the clothes may not be as high.

Reason 4: Since Shein is a purely online retailer, its overhead costs are different from those of a brick-and-mortar store.

Is Shein a Scam?

is shein a scam

Shein is certainly not a scam. Regardless of which site you investigate as a scam, you will get mixed reviews on the Internet.

In many cases, users have reported that they were scammed by Shein because they received the wrong product. Despite these reviews, Shein’s subscriptions are increasing year after year. However, it is up to you which seller you order from.

Therefore, before ordering from any seller, please read the reviews of that product and compare the same product on other Chinese websites such as AliExpress.

Also, be aware of paid reviews, because in most cases, sellers pay buyers to rate their products positively.

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Is Shein Legit?

Yes, Shein is a legit company and website. They have nearly 10,000 employees worldwide and sell their products in over 150 countries/regions.

Although the company had a modest start in 2012, it is now considered the largest purely online fashion company in the world, with projected revenues of over $10 billion in 2022.

Based on my personal experience, Shein is legit. Now let me explain:

I think that when most people wonder if Shein is legit, they worry that Shein is not a real company or that Shein is a scam website that steals your credit card information and never delivers items. This has not been my experience with Shein.

Every time ordered from Shein, I received my items in a timely manner (usually much faster than I expected). I was able to return items I don’t want without any issues and the refund is promptly returned to my Shein balance or my credit card.

In my experience, many of the items shown in the pictures on the website are not very accurate representations of the actual item. I have received items that had to be returned to Shein because of color differences, wrong size or quality problems, etc.

So please keep this in mind when you buy from Shein. Watch YouTube videos and carefully analyze how the clothes look on real people. Also, be sure to read the reviews on Shein’s website.

In any case, you can always easily return an item that doesn’t fit or you don’t like the quality. In this respect, Shein is definitely legit.

Shein’s Pros and Cons

easy to use shein app

Shein has a lot of pros and cons that can attract people and make them choose this platform.

These are the pros of Shein:

  • It provides customers with quality fast fashion products for easy access to beauty products.
  • Easy-to-use app and Shein website for an excellent experience when shopping online.
  • A simple return process ensures buyer safety.

In addition to the pros, there are also cons of Shein as below:

  • Sometimes, there are delays in shipping products.
  • Order defect rate may be higher than expected.
  • Low buyer protection keeps potential buyers away from Shein.

What about Shein’s Shipping and Refund Policy?

shein policy

After reading the above information about whether Shein is legit or not, you should also read their policies if you decide to buy from them.

Shipping Policy

Shein has 2 shipping options in the United States:

  • Free standard shipping on orders over $49.00
  • Free express shipping for orders over $59.00

Shein standard delivery takes about 2 weeks and 10 days for express shipping. Once you visit their shipping page, it will automatically show you when your order will be delivered.

Therefore, please keep this estimated shipping time in mind before placing your order, and it is best to avoid it if you need the product within a week or before.

Refund Policy

Shein offers you a maximum return period of 45 days from the date of purchase.

Refund shipping will be free for the first order, then for subsequent orders, the refund shipping cost will be $7.99, which will be deducted from the refund amount.

You can read brief details and the refund process on the Shein refund page.

How to Buy from Shein Safely?

how to buy from shein

As far as credibility is concerned, Shein is not a scam website, it is a safe and trustworthy shopping platform. However, sometimes receiving a damaged product can cause suspicion among buyers.

Here are some steps to buy from Shein safely:

Step 1: Register your buyer account on Shein’s website.

Step 2: Research the fashion products you want to buy from Shein. Try applying different filters before ordering.

Step 3: Check the item description and pictures to determine how it looks. In addition, it will give you an idea of the quality of the product.

Step 4: Choose the size of the product to make sure it fits you best. Select additional filters for the product as needed.

Step 5: Check the Shein reviews of the product to assess the quality.

Remember to provide an exact shipping address and get a tracking number to receive the product. Before ordering, you must be sure of the quality of the product in the product description section for a secure transaction.

Tips for Successful Buying from Shein

tips for buying from shein

You can use these points as tips or suggestions for a successful buying experience from Shein. I hope you are completely satisfied and full of knowledge here.

Read the following tips for successful buying from Shein:

Tip 1: Set the right expectations

Before placing an order with Shein, please remember to set the right expectations. You are paying for something you will only wear a few times, not for something you will have forever.

Tip 2: Know your size and always check the sizing guide

Shein sizes are not completely reliable and tend to vary from product to product. Before you default to your regular size, check the sizing guide in the product listing to see where your measurements line up.

Tip 3: Order fashion items, not everyday staples

Shein is a great place to buy fashion items that you won’t feel bad about losing. We’re talking faux leather, fringe, florals, ruffles, and more. These styles are far from timeless, but work well when they’re popular in the fashion world.

Tip 4: Don’t put Shein clothes in the dryer

Cheap materials don’t mix well with heat. If you want Shein’s clothes to last longer, hang them up to air dry instead of throwing them in the dryer.

Tip 5: Read Shein’s return policy before you shop

Before placing an order with Shein, be sure to read the return process. You’ll know what steps to take and what to do if an item doesn’t work.

Is Shein Legit FAQ

1. Is Shein reliable?

Yes, Shein is reliable. Many factors must be considered for this answer, but in general, the website is reliable.

Once you fully understand their processing and shipping times and return policy, you should have no problem.

2. Is Shein ethical?

It remains to be seen or heard about Shein’s ethical practices. One can only hope that Shein is paying a fair wage despite the low prices consumers pay.

3. Is Shein’s clothing of good quality?

Everyone ordering from Shein may have a different experience. Don’t expect to find the best quality clothing on Shein, but in general, you will find very nice, stylish casual pieces on Shein’s website.

4. Is it safe to use my credit card on Shein?

Yes. However, I recommend that you use PayPal when shopping with Shein, just in case.

5. How is Shein’s customer service?

I’ve seen some comments online about other people having trouble getting in touch with Shein customer service. But thank goodness I don’t have to contact them, so I can’t talk about it.

Is Shein Legit Conclusion

The conclusion is that Shein is a legit and safe website. If you are looking for cheap clothes and if you don’t care about quality, Shein is definitely a good place to buy.

That’s all the information I have for you about is Shein legit, safe and reliable, you can also leave a comment below.

I am Yan, the founder of Yansourcing, the best sourcing agent in China, who can quickly and safely help you buy and import from China. If you have any questions about importing from China, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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