Beginner’s Guide 2022: How to Find China Manufacturers?

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how to find china manufacturer

It’s no secret that many e-commerce professionals buy products from China manufacturers. For them, China is a place with millions of factories that can manufacture any possible product in this world.

But as a beginner, how to find china manufacturers? Before making a clear choice, you have to do a lot of research on them and test them.

In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to do to find an excellent and trustworthy China manufacturer according to your needs.

What Is a China Manufacturer?

china manufacturing distribution

A China manufacturer is a company or factory that produces goods or products in large quantities from raw materials, then sells them to consumers, wholesalers, distributors, and retailers.

A China manufacturer not only makes your product but can also provide you with services such as OEM or ODM.

China is the world’s largest manufacturer and the largest producer of industrial products. You can get almost anything made in China. Therefore, many companies worldwide choose it as their product manufacturer in China.

What Are The Types of China Manufacturers?

China manufacturers can be either domestic or international. A domestic manufacturer is a local company, while an international manufacturer is a foreign company that manufactures in China.

Therefore, any manufacturer you can think of outside your own country is an international manufacturer. In China, manufacturers make products for wholesalers, distributors, and all types of Chinese suppliers.

They can create the following products:

  • Produce to stock
  • Produce to order
  • Custom assembled

Why Should I Find China Manufacturers?

why should i find china manufacturers

China is known as the World Factory, and 30% of the world’s manufacturing is done here, so it’s a pretty big player, that’s for sure! 

Here are the main reasons for finding manufacturers in China:

1. Low production cost

The abundance of resources and cheap labor will greatly reduce production costs. At the same time, the Chinese people’s pragmatic and hardworking character makes them trustworthy partners.

2. Many factory resources

With a large population and vast land, China has many years of processing experience that can give rise to many experienced factories.

3. Complete infrastructure

China is experienced in processing and production, which produces export products all year round. It has a complete infrastructure and environment, from raw materials to logistics.

4. Various industrial clusters

Industrial clusters are well developed and numerous. In China, each region has its own industrial niche. This allows each manufacturer can produce products more quickly and in large quantities.

However, it is not all smooth sailing. You must consider product quality, language barriers, MOQ and shipping time, etc.

Where to Start Finding China Manufacturers?

Essentially, China is a great place to find manufacturers for your business. They can offer lower costs and higher production speeds, which will help you succeed as an e-commerce business owner.

Here are some common ways to find manufacturers in China:

1. Find trade fairs

If you are meeting face-to-face with potential suppliers, trade fairs are a great place to start. They will have representatives from many manufacturers in attendance, so you can ask them questions and learn about their capabilities.

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2. Visit China wholesale markets

Examples of famous wholesale markets in China include Yiwu International Wholesale Market, Shenzhen Huaqiang North Electronics Market, Guangzhou Garment Wholesale Market, Foshan Furniture City, Zhongshan Lighting Market, etc.

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3. Use Chinese B2B platforms


Alibaba is the top place for anyone looking for Chinese suppliers online. In addition, Made in China and Global Sources are also household names. I’ve also heard from clients that DHgate may be a worthwhile option.

Similarly or more valuable are Chinese local B2B platforms, such as 1688 and Yiwugo. However, a person who does not communicate in Chinese would ideally need a local agent to explore these options.

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4. Use search engines

If you are looking for a specific type of supplier, then using a search engine is the best way to find them. Type in what you are looking for and your location (or the factory’s location), and Google will do the rest!

5. Ask a friend or colleague

If you know someone already doing business with China manufacturers, ask them for advice. They will likely recommend a few good manufacturers that have worked for them in the past.

6. Hire a China sourcing agent

You can hire a China sourcing agent to find manufacturers or ask them to help you verify some potential suppliers. They are super helpful when you can’t easily travel to China, especially after pandemic times.

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How to Communicate with China Manufacturers?

Language and culture may cause problems anywhere, so communicating with China manufacturers can sometimes be challenging.

To make it easier, we listed the following tips for you:

1. Keep your emails short

Try to stick to one subject per email to avoid confusion. Use bullet points and short sentences as possible. China manufacturers will most likely put your emails into a translator, so make sure your emails are free of spelling errors and make sense! 

2. Manage the project

As a foreign buyer, you must manage the process, regardless of the size of your business. For quality control, you need to provide specific instructions for everything. Project management is your responsibility from start to finish.

3. Use WeChat to communicate

Everyone in China is using WeChat, and you can communicate with China manufacturers daily via WeChat and phone. It has a built-in translation feature. This means you can both talk in your native language and communicate easily.

4. Avoid Chinese holidays

An important holiday in China is celebrated in late January and early February, the Chinese New Year. During this period, mass production may be paused, causing delivery delays.

5. Keep cultural differences in mind

If you have a problem, don’t automatically assume you need to talk to a supervisor; try to find a solution with your contact first. In addition, it is a sign of respect to address your person by their title and last name.

6. Consider the time difference

Be sure to find out the business hours in your time zone and communicate when they are available.

How to Negotiate Prices with China Manufacturers?

A win-win strategy allows you to find the right manufacturer. This includes negotiating fairly. Even if you want to get the lowest possible price, make sure you don’t compromise quality.

Here are the steps for negotiating prices with China manufacturers:

Step 1. Do background research

This is a key step in the negotiation. You must research the China manufacturer, which includes a good understanding of the manufacturer’s location, checking pricing methods, production strength, etc.

Step 2. Screen idea manufacturers

You do not have to negotiate with China manufacturers who do not meet your product specifications. Negotiating with them is almost a useless venture. Instead, focus on your ideal manufacturers.

Step 3. Set negotiation standard

Develop a practical negotiation framework based on your product specifications, ideal price, and many other factors. In short, set a standard for your negotiation.

Step 4. Develop a business plan

You need to craft a business plan that will allow the manufacturer to understand your specific needs. The manufacturer will know exactly what you want and how you want it done through your proposal.

Step 5. Understand the manufacturer’s nature

Is it an existing manufacturer with a low turnover rate and high minimum order requirements? Is it a new manufacturer with high turnover, better pricing, and low minimum order requirements?

Step 6. Meet with the right people

It is recommended that you negotiate with someone who has some authority over the price of the plant and other important work. This will make things easier for you, because you will not have to spend too much time in the negotiation phase.

Step 7. Pay attention to the payment rate

Normally the standard is about 30% deposit and 70% balance after mass production, more or less. If the payment rate is not friendly to your budget, cross it off or renegotiate.

Step 8. Stay calm at all times

Don’t change your plans during negotiations with China manufacturers. You should not let your budget policy or other criteria get caught up in emotional waves and side attractions.

How to Find the Best China Manufacturer?

A reliable manufacturer will ensure that your products are of the highest quality and reduce customer complaints. However, choosing your manufacturer is not as easy as shopping online.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you have a good strategy, a solid understanding of the process, and a lot of research to support your decision.

Here are some actual steps to find the best China manufacturer for you:

Step 1. Read online reviews

Before contacting any China manufacturer, do your research and try to find reviews about that manufacturer. Only if the manufacturer’s reviews are positive consider further transactions.

Step 2. Go through the references

Ask someone who has been importing from a similar China manufacturer if they can provide references. This is probably the best way to find a manufacturer that someone has already tested.

Step 3. Check production facilities

Many suppliers pretend to be China manufacturers, while others are the actual manufacturers of the products offered. You can check them out by visiting or video conferencing to determine who the actual manufacturer is.

Step 4. Understand the supply chain

You must understand the supply chain that manufacturers provide you with the desired product. This chain includes all the activities, developments, information, and people involved in the process when the product reaches the customer from the manufacturer.

Step 5. See if the price is right for you

Due to the presence of multiple suppliers, it becomes difficult to find the most economical and authentic manufacturer.

With the help of a China sourcing company like Yansourcing, it becomes easy to get the best deal from the most authentic manufacturer.

Step 6. Manufacturing capabilities

Knowing the manufacturing capacity of a manufacturer is very important as it estimates how much time to deliver your order.

Yansourcing does the calculations for you and asks about the company’s manufacturing capabilities and product quality.

How to Avoid China Manufacturer Scams?

how to avoid china manufacturer scams

Chinese suppliers can cheat foreign buyers in different ways. So, before choosing a China manufacturer definitively, verify and test their reputation and trustworthiness, which you can do through the Internet, government databases, and service providers.

Here are some steps you can follow:

Step 1. Before final payment, you must have their factories and production inspected by a third-party agency.

Step 2. Compare their profiles in different online directories such as Alibaba, Global Sources, Made in China, etc.

Step 3. Check if the manufacturer has joined any exhibitions to verify their credibility and presence.

Step 4. To find out their address, you can ask your China sourcing agent to check their company registration.

By the above checks, you can avoid these China manufacturer scams:

  • After the deposit or sample fee remitted, they disappear.
  • After the deposit remitted, the price increased.
  • Unrelated to the production costs, the price increased from one order to another.
  • Selling your design to other customers to make it his own
  • Lacking transparency, change a component at will without notice.
  • Lacking experience, providing products that do not meet the customer’s expected quality standards, delayed deliveries, etc.

How to Find China Manufacturers FAQ

1. What is the objective standard for choosing a China manufacturer?

Objective standards for choosing a manufacturer include general business status, manufacturing, technology, financial status, quality control capability, and management system.

2. What does it mean if a China manufacturer does not have the necessary testing facilities?

If a manufacturer does not have the necessary testing facilities when you inspect, it means that the manufacturer cannot consistently produce quality products.

3. What are the payment terms for China manufacturers?

Every manufacturer has different payment terms. Typically, they will require a deposit before your order is placed. And the balance should be settled after production or the goods are ready for shipment.

4. Why is there so little information on Google about China manufacturers?

We usually can’t find China manufacturers on Google. They are rarely advertised on the web and rarely produce marketing ads online.

5. Do I need to visit China manufacturers in person?

It should not be necessary unless you place a huge, complex order. If you are concerned that the manufacturer is not legitimate, you can tell them you will conduct a factory audit before signing the deal.

How to Find China Manufacturers Conclusion

Finding China manufacturers is a continuous process, and there are no perfect guidelines to help you decide who is the best manufacturer. You just have to research and decide which manufacturer is best for you based on your list.

At Yansourcing, we will happily guide you through the process. We will handle sourcing, find the best China manufacturer for your product, negotiate with them, payment methods, sampling, quality control, and shipping.

We are a leading sourcing agent in China. If you are looking for international trade but do not have any experience importing or customizing products from China, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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