2022 Updated: 7 Reasons Why China Products Are Low Quality?

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why china products are low quality

China is the manufacturing center of the world, they can make almost any product you can imagine, and they are usually cheaper than other countries.

However, when it comes to products made in China, consumers often think twice before making a purchase because they think that China products are low quality.

In this article, we will explain why China products are low quality, and where can you buy cheap products from China.

Why Are the China Products Considered to Be Low Quality?

There is a reason why it does have such a reputation. The standard of some products produced by Chinese factories is lower than we would expect.

The following are some of the main reasons for the low quality of products made in China:

1. Low quality of raw materials

Some Chinese suppliers are not willing to pay for good-quality raw materials. They may deliver higher-quality samples, but when producing in bulk, they may cut costs and use lower-quality materials.

2. Unclear quality requirements

Some Chinese suppliers may be unclear about their customers’ quality requirements, or may not understand the requirements at all, and then produce a lower quality product.

3. Differences between standards

Product standards are different from country to country, and some Chinese manufacturers do not have quality awareness. They just simply create products without considering the overall value.

4. Lack of skills

Some Chinese manufacturers do not have the skills needed to manufacture the desired quality. Or they may lack the machinery or equipment to meet the required standards.

5. Time pressure

Due to too many orders, rushed deliveries, etc. Chinese manufacturers may resort to reducing quality in order to cut the production time.

6. Margins are too low

Most of China products are priced so low that margins may be less than one cent per product. Manufacturers are trapped by profits, which means their focus is on quantity rather than quality.

7. Not all manufacturers care about quality 

This means that a poor product can be made and delivered. Even if the company changes manufacturers, the damage to their reputation is already done.

Are the China Products Really That Low in Quality?

are the china products really that low in quality

China has a reputation for producing cheap and low-quality products. This is because China has been a developing country since the 20th century, and its manufactures were not fully developed until recent decades.

The government started with substandard manufacturing processes, making it difficult to produce high-quality, refined products in China.

Besides, China has a long history of lacking quality control. This caused many factories to produce low-quality products even when they could produce high-quality products.

However, with decades of experience in manufacturing, processing, and supply chain management, as well as increasing domestic and international consumer demand for quality improvements, China’s manufacturing capabilities have improved dramatically. 

This demand is leading to the emergence of high-end manufacturers and third-party quality assurance providers with a focus on inspection, supplier assessment, and testing.

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Are All China Products in Low Quality?

are all china products in low quality

Not all China products are low quality and unsafe. This is a notion that most consumers should get rid of. In fact, many of the world’s premium brands are made in China.

The best example is the Apple iPhone. Among the smartphone brands on the market, the iPhone stands out at the top of manufacture as its luxurious feel and quality.

Most of Apple’s smartphones are manufactured and assembled in China, indicating the high quality of products made in China.

In addition, consumers should keep in mind that manufacturers only follow the specifications set by the company. Therefore, a poorly designed product should not be the manufacturer’s fault.

Moreover, some companies choose cheaper materials to reduce production costs. As a result, consumers get low-quality and high-priced products.

Most of the blame should fall on the company or developer who gave the design and specifications to the manufacturer.

Why Are the China Products So Cheap?

Export trade is an important part of China’s economic growth. In order to expand into foreign markets, Chinese companies need to sell and export their products at affordable prices.

The following are some of the main reasons for cheap products made in China:

1. Low cost of labor and materials

The price of a product depends on different costs, especially the cost of labor and materials. Compared to many countries, China has more abundant labor resources and lower labor costs. Also, the materials used to manufacture products are cheaper in China.

2. Strategic and policy support

The Chinese government has an export tax rebate policy, and export products with high demand will receive a higher tax rebate rate. In addition, many Chinese companies will choose a low-price strategy to capture larger foreign markets with small profits but a quick turnaround.

3. Competition in the same products and industries

In China, almost every type of product you can think of is covered. In this case, product competition is inevitable. Competition between these same products and industries can keep product prices low, even if they are based on the same product quality.

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Where Can I Buy Cheap Products from China?

Finding a reliable wholesale supplier in China is a critical step in growing successful e-commerce business. Below, I have compiled a list of legitimate Chinese wholesale website suppliers.

Here are 8 wholesale websites where you can buy cheap Chinese products:

DHgateLimited categoryWholesale
LightintheboxLimited categoryWholesale
Made-in-ChinaMachinery, ElectronicsDirectory
Global SourcesGeneralDirectory
1688.comGeneralChinese wholesale website
AliExpressGeneralWholesale & small order
YansourcingCheap products sourcing agentSourcing company

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What Are the Best China Products?

China is a major global manufacturer of consumer products. The manufacturing process generates very low costs through cheap labor and mass production of consumer products.

The following is a list of the 7 best products made in China:

1. Mobile phones

mobile phones

China is the most famous country for producing cell phones at the lowest cost. Due to high technology and mass production of cell phone components, the total cost of manufacturing a cell phone becomes very low.

2. Machinery

Complex machines used for medical procedures are expensive all over the world, but in China the prices are relatively low, which is very advantageous for those who buy these machines from China and resell them in their country.

3. Computers

In China, about 300 million personal computers are produced each year. China is unparalleled in manufacturing personal computers and exporting them to the rest of the world. The whole world can enjoy the benefits of advanced technology without spending much money.

4. Air conditioners

Air conditioners are also widely produced in China, with Midea, Haier, Gree, and Chigo being the major brands of air conditioners made in China. Due to the introduction of Chinese air conditioning brands, many air conditioning brands have lost their markets.

5. Shoes


Uniquely designed, inexpensive shoes look like Christmas sales on major online platforms. Many e-commerce sellers on international markets import shoes from China and make a profit a hundred times higher than the actual cost.

6. Clothing

It is easy to find popular clothing from Chinese manufacturers because they mass produce new trends as they emerge. Importing clothing from China and reselling it in your own country can be a big deal.

7. Solar cells

China is the world’s largest producer and installer of solar panels. Chinese solar panels are 10-20% cheaper than brands from other countries. Nearly 56% of the world’s annual solar panel exports are done by China.


Chinese manufacturers produce cheap, low-quality products, but most of them can also make high-tech, high-quality products.

When manufacturing products in China, you must consider the trade-off between price and quality. Sometimes, producing a better quality product may result in higher manufacturing prices.

If you have more questions about why China products are low quality, please comment and let us know.

We are the leading sourcing company in China and are committed to helping our customers source good products from China at the most competitive prices. If you want to import from China, please feel free to contact us.

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